Babies Under 2 Fly Free on Breeze Airways

Babies Fly Free on Parent's Lap On Breeze Airways

Babies and Infants under 2 years old do not need to have a purchased ticket to fly on Breeze Airways, as long as they fly on the parent's/adult's lap. You do not need to purchase an additional fare for your baby, but your baby must have a ticket, and some additional taxes/fees may apply.  You will be required to show proof of age, either with a Birth Certificate, Passport, Vaccination Record, or other official document.  Digital copies are also accepted.

There is a limit of one lap baby per adult.  If you are flying with more than one child under 2 years old, only one of these babies may fly on your lap, and the other will be required to have their own assigned ticket, which must be purchased at the regular adult fare. [AMZ asins='B00TSL2UJ6,B089NR6B41,B01DD0V4QC,B09NCDP4SM']

If you prefer your child fly in an FAA-approved Car Seat in their own assigned seat (the safest way for a baby to fly), you will have to purchase a standard seat for your child, even if under 2 years old.  The good news is that Breeze Airways will allow you to be seated together free of charge, thanks to their "Family Seating" option.

Minimum Age for a Baby to Fly on Breeze Airways

Babies and Infants must at least 7 days old to fly on Breeze Airways.  If for any reason your baby is younger than 7 days old and must fly, be prepared to present a physician's note stating that your baby is safe to fly. 

Children that turn 2 years old while away on a trip will no longer be able to fly back on their parent's lap - they will be required to have their own assigned seat (their own purchased regular ticket) for the return flight.

Children Between 2-12 Years Old On Breeze Airways

All children older than 2 years old are required to have their assigned seat, which must be purchased the same as a regular adult ticket. The good news is that Breeze Airways offers a "Family Seating" option which allows your family to be assigned seats together, without being charged Breeze's regular seat selection fees. This includes up a maximum of 2 adults for 1 child, or up to one adult per child if flying with more than 1 child.

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