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Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees 2024

Alaska Airlines Carry On 2024 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Alaska Airlines Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance9 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance4 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees7 / 10
Overall Grade6.7 / 10

With Alaska Airlines, you are permitted one carry-on bag plus one personal item free of charge. Additional carry-on items will need to be gate checked for a $35 fee.

Maximum dimensions, including wheels and handles, for your carry-on bag with Alaska Airlines are as follows:
Length - 22"
Width - 14"
Height - 9" [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

The following items may be brought onboard without counting toward your carry-on limit:

- Coats, hats, umbrellas (compact size that easily fits into an overhead bin, under the seat or in a suitcase)
- A pillow for personal use
- Food for immediate consumption
- Reasonable amount of reading material
- FAA approved child/infant restraint seats to be occupied by a child, strollers (based on space availability; space guaranteed only with the purchase of a ticket for the infant)
- Service Animals, including properly documented emotional support animals
- Mobility/Medical assistive devices such as wheelchairs, canes, crutches, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, approved portable oxygen concentrators (POC) etc.
- Prescription medications and any medical devices needed to administer them (for example: syringes, auto- injections) as long as they comply with applicable safety, security, and hazardous materials rules.

Note: To qualify as an exception to the carry-on limit, only medication and medical devices may be placed in the bag.

Carry-On Bags on Horizon Air and SkyWest flights
Due to the smaller dimensions of overhead storage and underseat space on aircraft operated by Horizon Air or SkyWest (Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and flights 3450-3499), larger carry-on items will be placed on a planeside cart before boarding. These items will be specially tagged and returned to the cart for retrieval at a designated area on the ramp or jetbridge as you deplane.

Carry-on Baggage Exceptions
The following items may count as your "one" carry-on bag and may exceed the carry-on dimensions as long as they can be safely accommodated in a proper stowage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft.
Human organs
Art/Advertising portfolios
Delicate scientific equipment
Fishing poles
Small Musical Instruments

Cabin Seat Baggage
Any item that is too large for stowage under the seat or in the overhead bin (e.g., a large musical instrument), but which must be carried into the cabin, may be accepted as cargo in the cabin.
The item will be transported in a seat next to you and will be considered "cabin seat baggage".
Cabin Seat Baggage must be prearranged to ensure a sufficient number of seatbelt extensions will be loaded on the appropriate aircraft. Advance notice of 24 hours or more is required for groups of 5 or more with cargo in the cabin.
Cabin Seat Baggage cannot be booked online. Please call a Reservations Agent at 1-800-252-7522 (TTY: Dial 711 for Relay Services) for assistance. Our standard ticketing fee will be waived.
Cabin Seat Baggage is charged 100% of the applicable adult base fare plus 6.25% cargo tax.

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Fees 2024 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

Alaska Airlines charges for all checked baggage, unless you qualify for a special baggage exemption based on credit card, loyalty program, and on some special routes. New increased baggage fees will apply for all flights booked on/after January 2nd 2024.

All bags are limited to a maximum weight of 50lbs/23kg, and size restrictions of 62 linear inches (length+width+height), otherwise additional charges may apply.

Increased Checked Baggage Fees as of January 2nd 2024
Alaska Airlines 1st Checked Bag Fee 2024: $35
Alaska Airlines 2nd Checked Bag Fee 2024: $45
Alaska Airlines 3rd + Checked Bag Fee 2024: $150 each

These new fees apply to all Alaska Airlines flights booked on/after January 2nd 2024. For flights booked earlier, the previous fees of $30 / $40 will still apply.

Passengers upgraded after baggage has been accepted are not eligible for refund of baggage fees paid

Baggage Fee Waivers and Exceptions
Passengers on Alaska Airlines are exempt from the baggage fees on some routes or if they qualify for an exemption based on loyalty status or using special credit cards. The following baggage exemptions apply on Alaska Airlines flights:

1st Checked Bag Free:
Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® consumer cardholders
Alaska Airlines Visa® Business cardholders
Customers traveling to or from Guadalajara

2 Free Checked Bags:
Customers traveling in First Class
Elite level Mileage Plan™ members
American AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, Platinum, and Gold Elite Level members
Club 49® members

3 Free Checked Bags
Customers ticketed for travel solely within the state of Alaska

5 Free Checked Bags
Active duty US military personnel with valid military ID
Active duty US military dependents with valid military ID and travel orders
Note: Bags may weigh up to 70 pounds and be up to 115" (linear) without incurring overweight or oversize fees.

Additional Checked Baggage Exemptions on Alaska Airlines
The following items will be taken free of charge, and not count toward your checked baggage allowance:
- Strollers and car seats - when traveling with infants or children
- Pineapple from Hawaii - one properly packaged box of pineapples when traveling within the United States from Honolulu (HNL), Kona (KOA), Maui (OGG), or Kauai (LIH)
- Mobility aids and medical assistive devices - visit our accessible services pages for more information
- Wine (Mileage Plan™ members only) - one suitably packaged (e.g. foam lined box) case of wine when traveling within the United States from Boise (BOI), Eugene/Springfield (EUG), Lewiston (LWS), Medford (MFR), Portland (PDX), Redmond/Bend (RDM), Pasco (PSC), San Luis Obispo (SBP), Santa Rosa (STS), Walla Walla (ALW) or Yakima (YKM) airports

Alaska Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee 2024 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

All baggage on Alaska Airlines (including baggage checked free of charge) which exceeds the size or weight allowance, is subject to additional fees:

Alaska Airlines Additional Bag - 3rd bag or more - $150 Fee each
Alaska Airlines Oversize Baggage - linear dimension of 63-115 inches - $150 Fee
Alaska Airlines Overweight Baggage - weighing between 51-100 lbs (23-45kg) - $100 Fee

The higher Additional Bag and Oversize Bag fees of $150 have been in place as of mid-2023, and apply for 2024 as well. These higher fees of $150 (previously $100) are in effect on all Alaska Airlines flights purchased on/after June 30 2023. For flights purchased before June 30 2023, the original $100 fee applies. The Overweight Baggage fee remains at $100.

No single piece of checked baggage may weigh more than 100 pounds and/or exceed 115" (linear). Contact Alaska Air Cargo at 1-800-225-2752 for assistance with any items that exceed the checked baggage limitation. Exception: Musical instruments.

Alaska Airlines will accept sporting equipment as checked baggage provided each piece is properly packed in a soft or hard sided case designed specifically for the sporting equipment piece. Standard checked baggage fees ($35-$45 if within first 2 bags) apply for all sporting equipment, although Alaska Airlines will waive the oversize and overweight fees for the following pieces of sports equipment:

Boogie boards
Golf Clubs
Fishing Equipment
Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
Pole Vaults
Scuba Equipment
Windsurfing Equipment

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