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AirTran Airways Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance9 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance6 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees8 / 10
Overall Grade7.7 / 10
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AirTran Airways Pet Policies

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AirTran Airways Carry On 2022 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Per TSA regulations, all customers traveling on AirTran Airways will be restricted to one bag plus one small, personal item. The carry-on bag must be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger or in an approved overhead bin. Garment bags and small musical instruments are considered one of the allotted carry-on pieces.

Personal-type items include purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops (case included). Pet carriers are considered either a personal item or a carry-on item.

The following items are not considered carry-on bags or personal-type items and are not counted against the "one-bag plus one personal-type item" limit:

- A child restraint device for a ticketed child with a reserved seat or when complimentary, available space exists.

- Assistive/mobility devices for individuals with a disability. There is no limit to the number of assistive/mobility devices a customer can bring onboard the aircraft.

- Outer garments or other wearable articles of clothing.

- Food for consumption during flight contained in disposable packaging.

- Walking canes or umbrellas.

The suitability of carry-on baggage will be determined by AirTran Airways.


AirTran Airways limits carry-on bag dimensions to 24” long x 16” wide x 10” tall. If the bag exceeds these dimensions, it is considered too large to be a carry-on item and must be checked. All carry-on items must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Any heavy item must be placed underneath the customer’s seat. Any item with inflexible surfaces must be placed underneath the customer’s seat or flat on the floor of an overhead bin.

AirTran Airways currently prohibits self-defense sprays on any flight regardless if it is checked or carried on. Please see the TSA’s web site for a list of other prohibited carry-on items

Carry-On Security Rules

TSA - (USA): TSA Carry-On Regulations and TSA 3-1-1 Carry-On Liquids Rules

CATSA - (Canada): CATSA Carry-On Prohibited Items and CATSA Carry-On Liquids and Gel Restrictions

E-Cigarettes / Vape: TSA Rules for Flying with Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens 2023

Guns / Firearms: How to Fly with a Gun - TSA Rules 2023

Bluetooth Headphones: Using Bluetooth Headphones on an Airplane

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AirTran Airways Checked Baggage Fees 2022 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

First Checked Bag

For all coach class reservations, the charge for a first checked bag is USD 25 with size and weight limitations.

We make an exception to our checked baggage allowance policy for members of the military who are traveling on active duty orders. As long as each piece of baggage does not exceed 100 pounds in weight and 80 inches in size (length + width + height), baggage will be exempt from AirTran’s baggage limit, and will NOT be subject to excess, oversized, or overweight baggage charges.

Any customer who requires use of a wheelchair may have it checked as baggage at no charge, and it will not be considered part of the passenger’s baggage count when assessing other baggage fees.

Second Checked Bag

For all coach class reservations, the charge for a second checked bag is USD 35.

Useful Links

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Packing List: Travel Packing Checklist 2023

Marijuana / Cannabis: Rules for Flying with Marijuana / Cannabis in 2023

Delayed/Cancelled Flights: How to Claim Compensation for Flight Delays

Guns / Firearms: How to Fly with a Gun - TSA Rules 2023

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AirTran Airways Overweight Baggage Fee 2022 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

Excess Baggage

The excess baggage charge, for other than sporting equipment, will be USD 75 for each piece. Additional charges are applicable for bags exceeding the weight and size limits.

Overweight Baggage

Items from 51 to 100 pounds will be accepted for a charge of USD 75 per item.

Oversize Baggage

Oversize baggage rates are based on overall dimensions (length + width + height): items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches will be accepted for a charge of USD 75 per item.

When checking oversize items, please arrive at the airport no later than 90 minutes prior to departure time to allow enough time for your baggage to be screened before proceeding through security.

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2022
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