Brindabella Airlines Baggage Fees 2011

Brindabella Airlines Carry On 2011 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Brindabella Airlines Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance4 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance6 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees6 / 10
Overall Grade5.3 / 10

You may carry onto the aircraft items including the following provided such items do not exceed 4 kg:
Handbag, pocket book or purse which is appropriate to normal travel requirements and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be classed as baggage;
An overcoat, wrap or blanket;
An umbrella or walking stick;
A small camera and/or pair of binoculars;
A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight;
Infant's food for consumption in flight;
A pair of crutches and/or other prosthetic device for the passenger's use provided that the passenger is dependant upon such device. The device or crutches may be used for boarding but will be stowed in the aircraft hold;
All other articles including overnight bags, briefcases, personal computers, vanity cases, cameras etc subject to the aforementioned limit of 4 kg and not exceeding 48 cm (w) x 34 cm (h) x 23 cm (d), on the condition that aircrew may direct that some of these items be stowed in aircraft lockers or the aircraft hold;
You are not permitted to carry any sharp objects in your cabin, carry-on baggage such as nail files, scissors, manicure kits, letter openers, pocket knives etc. Such items must be placed in checked baggage only.

Brindabella Airlines Checked Baggage Fees 2011 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

Passengers (except infants) must comply with the following limits for checked luggage: [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

A limit of 15 kg checked-in baggage applies. Baggage over 15 kgs cannot be guaranteed uplift. An excess baggage charge of USD10/kg (including GST) applies.

Stowage limitations may apply on some flights.

The maximum weight of a single item of baggage is 32 kg.

Any lost or damaged baggage must be reported to Brindabella Airlines in writing after discovery of the loss or damage and within three days of the travel date.

Your personal medication or prescriptions should not be placed in checked baggage and Brindabella Airlines will not be liable for any loss, illness, injury or death caused by any item in checked baggage not being available to you.

Provided such items comply with applicable size and weight limitations they may be carried with you as cabin/carry-on baggage under your care.

We will not be liable for normal wear and tear of baggage such as scratches, scuffs, dents and cuts.

Brindabella Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee 2011 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

Baggage over 15 kgs cannot be guaranteed uplift. An excess baggage charge of USD10/kg (including GST) applies.

Mobility Aids and Wheelchairs
Brindabella Airlines operates relatively small aircraft without room for mobility devices in the cabin, nor sufficient cabin height to allow safe manual lifting. As such, it is not required to be accessible to all disabled passengers. Brindabella Airlines is committed to providing access but for safety reasons there are limitations:

Brindabella Airlines requires all passengers to be able to embark and disembark the aircraft with minimal assistance.
Passengers must be able to walk up and down the aircraft entry stairs although staff may assist with a support to the passengers arm to aid balance.
You may surrender your mobility aid at check-in or at the departure gate where appropriate assistance will be provided to you, however you will still be required to be able to use the aircraft stairs with minimal assistance.
One (1) Mobility Aid per person will be carried free of charge, provided it is for the passenger's personal use. If you have two or more Mobility Aids, you will be charged excess baggage for these additional Mobility Aids if your general baggage allowance is exceeded.

Note: Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, you remain responsible for obtaining insurance in relation to the carriage of your mobility aid.

Walking canes, crutches and walking frames may be carried and used to enter the aircraft cabin, and then given to the First Officer for storage at the rear of the aircraft.

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