Nordavia Baggage Fees 2012

Nordavia Carry On 2012 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Nordavia Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance5 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance7 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees7 / 10
Overall Grade6.3 / 10

Free hand baggage allowance per one passenger is 1 piece with the weight of maximum 5 kg and total dimensions of 115 cm (55 x 40 x 20).

Passengers are allowed to carry the following articles free or charge (in addition to the corresponding free baggage allowance) provided such articles are transported in passengers' hands and are not put into checked baggage:
A briefcase, a plastic bag or a bunch of flowers;
A video camera, a notebook;
A lady's handbag, a paper-folder, printed materials for reading;
Baby food and a baby traveling cradle;
An umbrella or a walking stick, an outer garment;
A pair of crutches for passengers with reduced mobility;
Special bags with products purchased in "Duty Free" shops provided they do not exceed allowable dimensions and weight;
A folding wheelchair shall be checked-in as baggage free of charge, i.e. in addition to the free baggage allowance. [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

Baggage in the passenger cabin - baggage requiring special treatment at transportation (as, for example, valuable and fragile items) might be carried in the passenger cabin.
Passengers are obliged to coordinate transportation of baggage in passenger cabin with "Nordavia - regional airlines" before the flight.

If the baggage is of large size the passenger shall reserve and pay for a separate seat according to the corresponding passenger fare. The weight of baggage transported in the passenger cabin shall not exceed 80 kg, and its dimensions shall not exceed those of a passenger seat. Such baggage shall be placed in a seat by a window and fixed with a seat-belt. Baggage transported in the cabin shall not be checked-in. Passengers are obliged to take care of the baggage they carry themselves.

Appropriate fares and taxes for the baggage carried in the cabin shall be exacted from passengers prior to the start of transportation when buying the ticket or when checking-in the baggage at the airport of departure.

Nordavia Checked Baggage Fees 2012 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

"Weight" concept: the Carrier establishes the maximum weight of baggage accepted for transportation free of charge by one passenger;
"Piece" concept: the Carrier establishes the maximum number of baggage pieces accepted for transportation free of charge by one passenger.

Each passenger having a valid air ticket shall be allowed to carry on legs with the "weight" concept (excluding children under 2 years old travelling with an adult passenger free of charge on domestic flights or with 90% discount on international flights unless otherwise specified in fare rules without a separate seat provision) shall have the following free baggage allowance:

Business class – 30 kg;

Holders of "Aeroflot-Bonus" golden cards (Elite Plus level) – additional 20 kg;

Holders of "Aeroflot-Bonus" silver cards (Elite level) – additional 10 kg;

Economy class – 20 kg;

Seamen – 40 kg (provided a seaman certificate is produced).

The Airline reserves the right to change standard free baggage allowance.
Within the code-sharing agreement between "Nordavia" and "Aeroflot-RA", the two airlines jointly operate flights, where "Nordavia" is the operating company. On joint flights free baggage allowance and special services conditions of the operating carrier shall be used.

Passengers shall weigh all transported baggage during check in, excluding items needed during the flight.

Passengers are allowed to transport baggage in the passenger cabin under their own responsibility, such baggage is accepted for transportation with consideration of the free baggage allowance. Passengers are allowed to transport in the passenger cabin maximum one piece of baggage with the total weight of 10 kg for business class passengers, 5 kg for economy class passengers. Maximum allowed dimensions of such baggage shall comprise 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions (55х40х20).

The following baggage categories shall not be included into the free baggage allowance:
Animals (excluding guide-dogs accompanying visually or hearing impaired passengers);
Oversized, heavy-weight baggage;
Musical instruments (double-bass, violoncello and other).

Transportation of the above mentioned baggage categories shall be paid for on the basis of such baggage actual weight, irrespective of the total weight of other baggage of the passenger. In special cases, upon the preliminary consent of «Nordavia - Regional Airlines» baggage of excessive weight and dimensions shall be accepted for transportation free of charge.

The following characteristics of the aircraft shall be taken into consideration when accepting for transportation such baggage: aircraft type, payload, cargo compartment volume, loading hatches and doors dimensions.

Passengers are not recommended to transport fragile or perishable items, currency notes, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, as well as business documents, keys and other similar items in check-in baggage.

Nordavia Overweight Baggage Fee 2012 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

Oversized and heavy-weight baggage is such baggage, one piece of which exceeds allowable dimensions and total weight, in accordance with "Nordavia - Regional Airlines".

Passenger baggage shall not exceed 203 cm in three dimensions or 32 kg in weight. In specific cases, baggage up to 50 kg of weight may be accepted for transportation. Such baggage shall be accepted for transportation only upon preliminary consent of "Nordavia - Regional Airlines".
Shall the passenger fail to notify the Carrier on heavy-weight baggage at reservation, check-in of such baggage may be performed at the close of check-in provided spare tonnage is available.

Excess Baggage
Excess baggage is a part of baggage that exceeds free baggage allowance and is to be paid for.

If the weight of your baggage exceeds the established free baggage allowance, the baggage shall be carried on a paid basis as overweight baggage.

Overweight baggage shall be accepted for transportation upon preliminary agreement with the carrier.

Passengers planning to transport overweight baggage shall inform the carrier on the weight and number of overweight baggage pieces in advance (when reserving the seat or buying the ticket). Failure to observe this rule shall entitle the carrier to refuse to carry such baggage.

A passenger shall have the right to pay for overweight baggage in advance, when reserving the flight.

A fee for overweight baggage shall be exacted at the airport of departure at the start of the journey for the entire passenger's route or to any point of transfer stated in his/her ticket.

Subsequent carriage of such baggage shall be paid for at the airport of transfer.
If a passenger has increased the weight and quantity of carried baggage pieces in excess of the free baggage allowance or in excess of the paid weight at an intermediary airport, an extra fee shall be exacted from the airport of destination stated in the ticket.

Should the weight of baggage be reduced, money shall not be refunded and there shall not be any re-calculation.

Transportation of overweight baggage on credit is not allowed.

Payment for overweight baggage shall be effected for whole kilograms

The carrier reserves the right to refuse in transportation of passengers and their baggage, should such passengers fail to pay for overweight baggage or for objects transported at the fare of overweight baggage.

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