Breeze Airways Hockey Sticks and Hockey Bag Rules and Fees

Breeze Airways Hockey Sticks and Hockey Bags Policy 2023
Airline Name Breeze Airways
Sport Hockey Sticks and Hockey Bags
Accepts Hockey Sticks and Hockey Bags? Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance? Yes
Cost $40-$50 USD
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Breeze Airways will accept one hockey equipment bag and two hockey sticks packed separately. The standard checked baggage fee of applies (approximately $40 for a 1st bag, $45 if 2nd bag, $50 if 3rd bag, depending on destination), or $50 if paid at the airport.

The 50 lbs weight limit applies, and a $50 oversize baggage charge may apply if the equipment bag exceeds 80 linear inches. Hockey Sticks are exempt from the oversize charges. [AMZ asins='B08HJR5W9W,B07ZMXWB8N,B01N9DY13C,B083SCT8M4']

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[AMZ asins='B08HJR5W9W,B07ZMXWB8N,B01N9DY13C,B083SCT8M4']