Flying with Babies and Kids on Breeze Airways

Babies and Infants Under 2 Years Old on Breeze Airways

Babies and Infants less than 2 years old may sit on a parent's lap without having to have their own purchased seat, this is known as a "Lap Baby".  You may be asked to provide proof of age for your child, to show that they are less than 2 years old.

There is a limit of one "Lap Baby" per adult.  If you are one parent travelling with more than one child that is under 2 years old, only one baby may sit on your lap and the other child must have their own purchased seat. [AMZ asins='B00RXW8CVC,B000RRD7UG,B07MZFD26C,B00TSL2UJ6']

If your child is flying as a lap baby on the outbound segment of your trip, but turns 2 years old while away, you will be required to purchase a seat for your child for the return flight.

Purchasing a Seat for a Baby Under 2 Years Old

If you prefer, you can purchase an assigned seat for your child on Breeze Airways, even if under 2 years old.  This will allow your baby to fly in your government-approved car seat, which is the safest way for a baby to fly. You will have to pay the regular adult fare for your child to fly in their own seat.  

Please keep in mind that your child's car seat must meet FAA-government regulations as a car seat approved for aircraft use. Most car seats meet these requirements, but be sure to check that your does and includes the necessary labeling requirements, otherwise you will not be allowed to fly with the car seat.  The label must read "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft".

All children must fly in the same fare class as the parent/adult that is accompanying them.

Children 2-12 Years Old On Breeze Airways

Children older than 2 years old are required to have their own seat.  You will have to purchase a standard fare for your child, and you will have to supply an airline-approved car seat for your child to fly in. Your child must fly in the same fare class as the accompanying parent/adult.

Breeze Airways Offers "Family Seating" for Free

Breeze Airways will allow your family to fly together, free of charge.  They call this "Family Seating", allowing you to have assigned seats together free of charge. Breeze usually charges a fee for the option to select a seat, so this is a nice bonus they offer for families to stay together on the plane, even if flying in their lowest-cost "Nice" fare class. 

Breeze's Family Seating will place you and your child in the designated "Family Seating" section of the plane - if you wish to sit in a different section of the plane, or in upgraded seats, you will still have to pay extra for those options. 

The Family Seating option is free for up to 2 adults traveling together with 1 child, or up to one adult per child if flying with more children.  Keep in mind that this is an option only for families flying with a child with their own assigned seat (their own paid ticket), it does not apply to a baby flying in a parent's lap.

Bringing a Car Seat and Stroller on Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways allows you to check-in a car seat and stroller free of charge when flying with a child, whether a baby under 2 years old on your lap, or a child under 12 years old with their own assigned seat. You can check-in the car seat and/or stroller either at the regular check-in desk when dropping off your suitcase, or choose to "gate-check" these items when boarding the plane.  Keep in mind, if your child is flying in their own assigned seat, you will have to bring your child's government-approved car seat onto the plane so they can sit in it for your trip.

Formula, Baby Food, Breastfeeding on Breeze Airways

You may bring an extra carry-on bag with your baby's essentials on Breeze Airways - this may include baby formula, juice, breast milk, and a breast pump. These liquids exempt from the TSA's 3-1-1 Liquids rule, meaning they can be brought in quantities larger than 3.4 oz - simply present them separately at the TSA Security checkpoint, the only limit is that they be brought in "reasonable quantities". 

You are allowed to breastfeed and use a breastpump on Breeze Airways.

Baby Change Tables on Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways offers baby change tables in the rear lavatories of all of their planes, as well as in the front lavatory on Embraer E195 planes. 

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