Windsurfing Fees and Policies - Flying With Windsurfing Boards and Sails

Flying with windsurfing gear can be a hassle, given the different rules set by each airline regarding weight, board bag size, and associated fees for flying with your windsurfing equipment. Every airline has its own set of policies and fees, so we have compiled the windsurf gear policies for over 300 different airlines right here on this page, making it easier to plan your trip.

Before booking your flight, it is important to review the specific policies of the airline you intend to fly with. Be sure to consider things such as the number of boards allowed in each board bag, the maximum size and weight limits for your board bags, and whether to pack your board and sails together or in separate bags. [AMZ asins='B07WSRXMS8,3903038180,3937323228,B00JE3E028']

Some airlines explicitly state that they do not accept windsurfing equipment. While you may have some luck getting around these rules by claiming to be flying with surfboards or kitesurfing gear, we recommend flying with an airline with a clear and windsurf-specific policy. This way you'll know exactly what to expect once you arrive at the airport.

Unfortunately, even with a clear windsurf policy, it all depends on who you get as a check-in agent at the airport. Your best bet is to arrive at the airport with plenty of time in case there are any complications at the check-in desk.

Airline NameAccepts Windsurfing Equipment?Included in Allowance?CostPolicy / Comments
Adria AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Aegean AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Aer LingusYesYes50 EURView Policy
AeroflotYesYesFreeView Policy
Aerolineas ArgentinasNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
AeromexicoYesNo$75 - $165 USDView Policy
AHA! AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
Aigle AzurNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Air AlgerieYesYesFreeView Policy
Air AsiaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air Asia XYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air BelgiumYesNo200-290 EURView Policy
Air BerlinYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air CalinYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air CanadaNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Air CaraibesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air ChathamsYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air CorsicaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air EuropaYesNo75-180 EURView Policy
Air FinlandYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air FranceYesYesIncluded / 65 - 125 EURView Policy
Air ItalyYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air JamaicaYesNo150 USDView Policy
Air MaltaYesNoEUR 20View Policy
Air MauritiusYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air MediterraneeYesNoEUR 50View Policy
Air MoldovaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air NelsonYesYesFREEView Policy
Air New ZealandYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air NipponYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air NostrumYesNo150 EURView Policy
Air OneYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air PacificYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air PolandYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air PullmanturYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air RarotongaYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air SouthwestNoNoView Policy
Air TahitiNoNoSee PolicyView Policy
Air Tahiti NuiYesNoFREEView Policy
Air TransatYesNo$100 CAD/USDView Policy
Air VanuatuYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Airlines of TasmaniaYesYesFREEView Policy
AirTran AirwaysYesYesUSD 75View Policy
Alaska AirlinesYesYes$35-$45View Policy
AlitaliaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Allegiant AirNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
American AirlinesYesNo$150 USDView Policy
ANA WingsYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
AnadoluJetYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Andes Lineas AereasYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Arik AirYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
ArkeFlyYesNoEUR 65View Policy
Arkia Israeli AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
AsercaYesNo$15 - $75 USDView Policy
Asiana AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
AtlasJetYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Aurela AirlinesYesNoEUR 30View Policy
AurignyYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Austrian AirlinesYesYes100 EUR - 200 EURView Policy
Avelo AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
AviancaYesYes$150 ($25 - $150 USD)View Policy
AZUL Brazilian AirlinesYesNo$150View Policy
BabooYesNoCHF 50 - CHF 75View Policy
BahamasAirYesYes$75 - $150 USDView Policy
Bahrain AirYesNoBHD 19View Policy
BH AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
BinterCanariasYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
BlekingeflygYesNo150 SEKView Policy
BluexpressYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
bmiYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
bmi RegionalYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
bmibabyYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
bmibaby.comYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Boliviana de AviacionYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Breeze AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
British AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Brussels AirlinesYesNo100-200 EURView Policy
Bulgaria AirNoNoSee PolicyView Policy
Bulgarian Air CharterYesNoFreeView Policy
Calm AirNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
CanJetNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Caribbean AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
CarpatairYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Cathay PacificYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Cayman AirwaysYesNo$95 USDView Policy
Chathams PacificYesNoTOP 30View Policy
China Eastern AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
China Southern AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Cimber SterlingNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
City AirlineYesNo90 EURView Policy
CondorYesNo50-135 EUR ($115-$160 USD)View Policy
Continental AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Contour AirlinesYesYes$25 USDView Policy
Copa AirlinesYesYes$150 USDView Policy
Corendon AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
CorsairflyYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Croatia AirlinesYesNo100-200 EURView Policy
Cyprus AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Czech AirlinesYesYesSee Policy - FREEView Policy
Dagestan AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Danube WingsYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Darwin AirlineYesNoCHF 50 - CHF 75View Policy
Delta AirlinesYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
DniproaviaYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
DonbassaeroYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
DragonairYesYesFREEView Policy
Eastern AirlinesYesYes$100-$200 USDView Policy
Eastern AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
EasyJetYesNo45 - 55 GBPView Policy
Edelweiss AirYesYesFree - See PolicyView Policy
EgyptAirNoNoSee PolicyView Policy
El AlYesNo$100-$200View Policy
EmiratesYesYesSee Policy - Could be Expensive!View Policy
EnerjetYesNo$40View Policy
Estonian AirYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Ethiopian AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Etihad AirwaysYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
EuroLOTYesNoView Policy
EurowingsYesNofrom 50 EURView Policy
Fiji AirwaysYesYesSee Policy - $65-$200View Policy
FinnairYesNoSee Policy - 150-300 EURView Policy
Finncomm AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Flair AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
flybeNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
FlyNikiYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
FlyNikiYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
FlysmalandYesNo150 SEKView Policy
FrenchbeeYesNo100 EUR - 125 EURView Policy
Frontier AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage Fees + $75/$175 USDView Policy
GermaniaYesNo60 EURView Policy
GermanwingsYesNofrom EUR 50View Policy
Gol AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
GotlandsflygYesNo150 SEKView Policy
Gulf AirYesYesFREEView Policy
Hainan AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
Hawaiian AirlinesYesNo$35-$100 USDView Policy
HelloNoNo150 CHF / 100 EURView Policy
Helvetic AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
helvetic.comNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Horizon AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Iberia AirlinesYesYes0 - 45 EURView Policy
Iberia RegionalYesNo150 EURView Policy
IberworldYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Iceland AirYesNo$126 - $174 USDView Policy
Insel AirYesNoUSD 100 + 40View Policy
InterjetYesYesFree - $30 USDView Policy
Iran AirtoursYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Islas AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
ITA AirwaysYesNo60-125 EURView Policy
JAL ExpressYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Japan AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
JAT AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
jet2.comYesNo30.00 GBPView Policy
JetairFlyYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
JetBlueYesYes$100 USD / £80 / €90View Policy
JetConnectYesYesFREEView Policy
Jetstar.comNoYesNot AcceptedView Policy
JettimeYesNo61 EURView Policy
KalmarflygYesNo200 SEKView Policy
Kenya AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
KLMYesYesSee Policy - 40-250 EURView Policy
Korean AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
KullaflygYesNo150 SEKView Policy
LANNoNoView Policy
LATAMYesYes$40 - $150 USDView Policy
Lauda AirYesNoEUR 50View Policy
Level AirlinesYesYes95 EUR / 105 USDView Policy
LIAT Leeward Island Air TransportNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
LOT AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
LufthansaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Malmo AviationYesNo392 SEK/legView Policy
Meridiana FlyYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Moldavian AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Monarch AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Moskovia AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
MyAustrian HolidaysYesNo60 EURView Policy
Neos AirYesNo$230-$250 USDView Policy
NordaviaYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Norse Atlantic AirwaysYesNo$130-$175View Policy
NorwegianYesNo35-60 EURView Policy
Onur AirYesNoTRL 20View Policy
OrbestYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Orbest OrizoniaYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
OrenairYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Pacific BlueYesYesFREEView Policy
Par-AvionYesYesFREEView Policy
Pegasus AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
PLAY AirlinesYesNo72-145 EUR ($106 - $190 USD)View Policy
PlunaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Polynesian BlueYesYesFREEView Policy
Porter AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Primera AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
QantasYesYesFree - International OnlyView Policy
QantaslinkYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Qatar AirwaysYesYesSee Policy - BEWAREView Policy
Rossiya Russian AirlinesYesYesFREEView Policy
Royal Air MarocYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
RyanairYesNo55-65 EUR / GBPView Policy
S7 AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SAS Scandinavian AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
SATA Azores AirlinesYesNo55-75 EURView Policy
Silver AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Singapore AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Sky AirlineYesYes$29 USD - $61 USDView Policy
Sky AirlinesYesNoEUR 35View Policy
Sky Work AirlinesYesNoCHF/EUR 25.-/17.-View Policy
SkywaysNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Skywest AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Small Planet AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SmartWingsYesNo59 EURView Policy
Solomon AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
South African AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
South East AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SouthwestYesNo$75 USDView Policy
SpanAirYesNo90 EURView Policy
Spirit AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
Sun Country AirlinesYesNo$100 USDView Policy
SundsvallsflygYesNo150 SEKView Policy
SunExpressYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SunwingYesNo$100 CADView Policy
Surinam AirwaysYesNo$50 - $185 USDView Policy
SverigeflygYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SWISSYesYesFreeView Policy
Swiss European AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
Swiss International AirlinesYesYes$150-$370 USD / 120-320 EURView Policy
SwissAirYesYesFreeView Policy
Swoop AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedView Policy
TACAYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
TAM AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
TAMEYesYesIncludedView Policy
TAP PortugalYesNo110-160 EUR / 138-199 USDView Policy
TAROMYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
TatarstanYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Thomas CookYesNo45-65 GBP / 50-75 EURView Policy
Thomas Cook BelgiumYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Thomas Cook ScandinaviaYesNo800 krView Policy
Thomas Cook UKYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Tiger Airways AustraliaYesNoAUD 60View Policy
Titan AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Transaero AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Transavia.comYesNo52 EURView Policy
TUIflyYesNo65 EURView Policy
TUIfly NordicYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Turkish AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Ukraine International AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
United AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
URAL AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
US AirwaysYesNo200 USDView Policy
UTairYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
V AustraliaYesYesFREEView Policy
VIM AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Virgin AmericaYesNo$50 USDView Policy
Virgin AtlanticNoNoDoes not AcceptView Policy
Virgin AustraliaYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
VivaAerobusYesNo$30-69 USDView Policy
Vladivostok AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
VladivostokaviaYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Volaris AirlinesYesNo$40-$200 USDView Policy
VuelingYesNo55+ EURView Policy
WestjetYesYes$150-$250View Policy
WideroeYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
WindJetYesNoEUR 30View Policy
Wizz AirYesNo45 - 65 EURView Policy
XL Airways FranceYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Yakutia AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Yamal AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
ZipairYesYesSee PolicyView Policy

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