Flying with Musical Instruments on Breeze Airways

Musical Instruments as Carry-On Items on Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways accepts small musical instruments (e.g. violins, flutes, guitars, etc.) to be permitted as carry-on baggage as long as the instrument can be safely stowed in the overhead bin or under the Guest's seat. Stowage in the overhead bins is available on a first-come first serve basis.

Instruments as Checked Baggage on Breeze Airways

Your instrument will count toward your standard checked baggage allowance, and any standard checked baggage, overweight, and oversized baggage fees may apply for checking-in your instrument on Breeze Airlines.  [AMZ asins='B0CMR5YLMN,B01BGX82G8,B083TJQ1XN,B000T07XFG']

Your instrument must be correctly packed in a proper travel case that protects it from standard baggage handling.

Your instrument must be less than 150 linear inches (L+W+H) and weigh less than 99 lbs / 45 kg to be accepted as checked baggage.  Otherwise, you will have to purchase a seat on board to bring your instrument into the cabin.

Buying a Seat for Your Instrument on Breeze Airways

You may purchase a seat for your instrument to bring your instrument into the cabin if it is too large or too heavy to travel as checked baggage.  This is known as "Cargo in the Cabin". 

You must purchase an additional seat for your instrument at the standard fare, plus sales tax.  No additional fees will be charged.

Your instrument must be properly packed to avoid possible injury to guests on board the aircraft. 

The instrument must be properly secured by the aircraft's seatbelt or other tie down having enough strength to eliminate the possibility of shifting under all normally anticipated flight and ground conditions.

The instrument cannot block any guest's view of the "SEAT BELT" sign, "NO SMOKING" sign or required "EXIT" sign.

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