Japan Airlines Baggage Fees 2012

Japan Airlines Carry On 2012 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Japan Airlines Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance8 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance8 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees7 / 10
Overall Grade7.7 / 10

Domestic Flights
Items not meeting these restrictions as well as items that are determined to not be capable of appropriate storage on-board due to space considerations may need to be checked in at the departure gate or passenger cabin for transportation in the baggage hold.

*If you need to carry a baggage on-board that exceeds our limits, an extra fee is charged for the additional seats. [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

Domestic Flights - Size Restrictions
A passenger may carry on board one personal belonging, such as a shopping bag or handbag, and one baggage meeting the restrictions shown below. The weight of both carry-on baggage pieces shall not exceed 10 kilograms.

Due to the security reason, we may check the sum of three dimensions of your baggage.
The baggage, which one of the dimension is oversized, may not be able to carry into the cabin.
The scheduled aircraft type for a flight can be confirmed on the seat availability result page. Each 3 digit characters listed on the seat availability result page and reservation page represents the type of the airplane; 772/7J2 as [777], 738 as [73H].

Domestic Flights - Items requiring special care
Special attention is needed if carrying a knife or similar object. If a knife or other object that may be used as a weapon is found at the security point, you will have to return to the baggage counter and check it in or dispose of it at the security point.

Each passenger may carry up to one cigarette lighter. (Lighters with a tank are not permitted on-board or to be checked in.)
Tripods exceeding a length of 60 centimeters when folded are not permitted on-board.
Depending on the use, the contents and the capacity, spray cans may not be allowed on-board.
Rechargeable curling irons whose rechargeable battery can be removed from the unit may be carried aboard. (Those whose batteries cannot may not be carried aboard or checked in.)
These are subject to inspection. Please remove them from your carry-on items.
Please place them in the tray at the security point for inspection.

Scissors, golf clubs and other items that may be used as a weapon may not be taken aboard.
Please note that regulations prohibit certain dangerous items from being checked in or from being carried aboard.

Domestic Flights - Extra Seat
Additional seats are available with an extra fee for passengers requiring two or more seats for their comfort such as:
When traveling with breakable carry-on items such as musical instruments or pictures exceeding the carry-on restrictions
When passengers are unable to fit into an Economy class seat or unable to buckle the seat belt properly

International Flights
Each passenger is permitted one piece of carry-on baggage.
A passenger may carry on board one personal belonging, such as a shopping bag or handbag, and one baggage satisfying the conditions below.

Sum of Three Dimensions: Not more than 115cm (45in.)
Dimensions: W55cm×H40cm×D25cm (W22in.×H16in.×D10in.)
Total Weight: 10kg (22lbs.)

If your baggage is oversized or overweight, or unable to be appropriately stowed in the cabin due to the stowage limitations, it may need to be checked in cargo compartment at the gate.

For your own safety and comfort, please stow your Carry-on baggage under the seat or in the overhead compartments properly.
If you are seated directly behind screen, emergency exit or cabin separating wall and do not have a seat in front of you, your carry-on baggage may not be placed at your feet.
If you are travelling on Executive Class JAL Shell Flat Seat or Premium Economy JAL Sky Shell Seat, carry-on baggage may not be placed under the seats in front of you upon departure and arrival. Please use the overhead compartments for stowage.

Japan Airlines Checked Baggage Fees 2012 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

Domestic Flights
Up to 20 kilograms may be checked in per passenger. (There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in.)
An excess baggage fee will be assessed for items exceeding the permitted volume for carry-on items.
Baggage in excess of 100 kilograms per passenger may not be checked in.

*If using an international route air ticket to board a domestic flight, the rules for carry-on items of the international route apply.
*JAL flights using CRJ200 aircraft and all JAC and RAC flights have limited carry-on and cargo area space due to the aircraft size. JAL reserves the right to refuse skis, surfboards, golf bags, diving gear, and other large items as checked baggage on these flights.

Please do NOT place the following items in check-in baggage for the cargo hold as if they are damaged or lost, JAL will not be held liable:
Valuables such as cash, precious metals, jewelry, securities, arts and antiques; easily breakable items such as watches, cameras, personal computers and glass articles
Please note that JAL will also not be held liable for damage to cargo hold baggage which is overweight or under-packed; damage due to wear and tear; the loss of pointed accessories such as removable castors, straps, hooks and name tags; or minor damage such as scratches, scuffs, cuts, dents and stains.

International Flights
Under IATA provision and U.S. Department of Transportation order, below may not be applied if your itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines (including codeshare flights).

Note: Other rules apply to passengers entering or departing from the US. Please click here for more information.
Note: All checked baggages are not confirmed to load due to cargo space unless your baggage piece/weight/size is within our baggage rules.

Japan Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee 2012 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

Domestic Flights - Excess baggage charges
March 25 to September 30, 2012
* Tokyo refers to both Haneda and Narita airports. Fares are the same for either airport.
* Osaka refers to both Itami and Kansai airports. Fares are the same for either airport.
* Nagoya refers to both Chubu and Komaki airports. Fares are the same for either airport.

Per kg / unit Yen

*1 Additional flights are scheduled through July 13 to August 31, 2012.
*2 Additional flights are scheduled through July 13 to September 30, 2012.
*3 Additional flights are scheduled through March 25 to September 30, 2012.

Domestic Flights - Musical Instruments
For instrument cases whose total dimensions exceed 115 cm for large aircraft and 100 cm for smaller aircraft seating less than 100.
Check in your musical instrument at the baggage counter.
Special cases are available for musical instruments.

Small instrument cases - reservation not required
JAL has transportation cases made with cushioning especially for musical instruments. The inner dimensions are 90 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 30 cm high. Request one when checking in your instrument. Please note that while JAL attempts to have an adequate number of these cases on-hand, numbers are limited.

Large instrument cases - reservation required
JAL has large cases for musical instruments such as double basses and bass fiddles available for passenger use. Reservations are required 48 hours before scheduled departure. Contact us for assistance in reserving a large musical instrument case. Please note that while JAL attempts to have an adequate number of these cases on-hand, numbers are limited.

Carrying oversized instruments aboard
Purchase a seat for an extra seat charge. Instrument cases are available for on-board use.
For an extra seat charge, a seat can be purchased for a musical instrument. This must be mentioned when the ticket is booked. Once aboard, the instrument is strapped to securely to the seat. One seat can be used to accommodate more than one instrument, though some instruments may require more than one seat. Two violins each 43 cm wide, for example, will typically fit on a single seat.

Carry-on violin cases at no charge
We offer carry-on violin cases for passengers on domestic flights use at certain airports for aircraft with at least 100 seats. These cases hold even violin cases that are over the regulation carry-on size. They are built to accommodate full-size (4/4) violins. The outer dimensions are 76 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 13.5 cm high. Passengers are responsible for the placement of violins in cases as JAL staff members are not permitted to assist with this procedure.

Please note that while JAL attempts to have an adequate number of these cases on-hand, numbers are limited. We do not accept reservations for these cases.
Airports with violin cases: Fukuoka, Haneda, Itami, Kansai, Narita, Nagoya (Chubu), Okinawa (Naha), Sapporo (Chitose)

Sports equipment
Domestic Flights
Skis, surfboards, golf bags, diving equipment and other such sports gear are handled like ordinary carry-on items.
(Items between 20 and 32 kilograms are subject to an excess fee, and up to 100 kilograms may be checked in.)

International Flights:
Sports equipments other than Surfboards and Windsurfing equipment will be handled as normal baggage.

International Flights - Excess baggage charges
For baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge applies under JAL regulations.

(*1)Consumption tax excluded

Note: Maximum checked baggage per passenger is +7 pieces on top of free baggage allowance of each boarding class. For Manila route, maximum of 5 pieces per passenger including free baggage allowance regardless of boarding class
Note: Baggage weighing more than 45kg (100 lbs.) will not be accepted as checked baggage.
Note: Excess charge will be summed up if the baggage is applicable for different types of charges.

International Flights - Surfboards and Windsurfing Equipment Charge
Charges for each carry bag will be assessed according to the route.

(*1)Consumption tax excluded
Note: Maximum of 2 surfboards per each carry bag.
(*)If your surfboard or windsurfing equipment exceeds 120cm (100cm if the aircraft is 737) in length, please consult with JAL International reservation or your travel agency in advance.
(*)Other sports equipments will be handled as normal baggage.

International Flights - Bulky Baggage, Musical Instruments
If your baggage is oversized or overweight, it may not be accepted on our flights because the space in cargo compartment is limited. Please consult with JAL International reservation or your travel agency in advance if you are carrying the followings:
Items that exceed 120cm (47 in)(*) or total linear dimensions exceeding 203cm (80 in)
Items that weigh more than 32kg (70 lbs)
Large musical instruments such as cello, contrabass and etc
(*) If the aircraft is 737, Items that exceed 100cm (39 in)

London, Paris, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand routes
Checked baggage exceeding 32kg (70lbs.) for 1 piece cannot be accepted in principle. Please either divide them to be less than 32kg (70lbs.)

Seoul (GIMPO) airport
Checked baggage exceeding 137cm X 46cm X 55cm (Sum of Three Dimensions 238cm) for 1 piece cannot be accepted in principle due to airport facility.

Please contact JAL International reservation or your travel agency for further information in advance.

It is prohibited by law to carry dangerous goods into the cabin or to include them in your checked baggage.

When travelling on a codeshare flight the operating carrier's baggage policy applies. Please consult with JAL International reservation or Operating carrier or your travel agency for details.

You may use your baby stroller up to the boarding gate at some airports. Please ask the airport personnel if this is possible when you check-in.
*Space on board is limited, so checking-in your stroller is strongly encouraged. Checked strollers will be returned to you as quickly as possible upon arrival. Please use the free baby stroller service provided by your departure airport. No reservation is required. Please note that your request may not always be honored due to supply issues.

For free baby stroller service *The number is limited.

This service is available at the following airports in Japan and overseas:
Japan: Narita International, Kansai International, Chubu Centrair International and Komatsu.
Overseas: Frankfurt International (Germany), London Heathrow (UK), Indira Gandhi International (New Delhi, India) and Soekarno Hatta International (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Available. Reservations Required.
Our bassinettes are ideal for infants weighing up to 10.5kg (age 2).
Dimensions (length: 77 cms, width: 32.5 cms, and depth: 15 cms).
Please note that bassinettes are available in limited numbers and reservation may not always be possible.

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