Qatar Airways Baggage Fees 2023

Qatar Airways Carry On 2023 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Qatar Airways Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance7 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance8 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees4 / 10
Overall Grade6.3 / 10

Qatar Airways First Class Carry-On Allowance: 2 Pieces, not to exceed 15 kg total
Qatar Airways Business Class Carry-On Allowance: 2 pieces, not to exceed 15 kg total
Qatar Airways Economy Class Carry-On Allowance: 1 piece, not to exceed 7 kg

Carry-on items are limited in size to 50 x 37 x 25 cm, in order to fit into the overhead bins. [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

For tickets issued in Brazil, Economy Class passengers are allowed to bring up to 10kg in their carry-on item.

Personal items do not count toward your hand baggage allowance. These may include items such as one lady’s handbag or one small briefcase; one coat, cape or blanket; one umbrella; one pair of crutches or a walking stick; one small camera or binoculars; limited reading material; an infant’s carrying basket; and duty-free items purchased on the day of your flight.

Limits on Electronic Devices on Flights to the UK and USA
Passengers on UK and USA-bound Qatar Airways flights departing or transiting from Hamad International Airport with personal electronic devices must adhere to the following instructions:

Electronic Devices on UK-bound Flights
- You may be asked to turn on your electronic devices at the security checkpoint
- Ensure your electronic devices have enough power to turn on, so you can demonstrate it at security
- Devices without power that you cannot turn on will be placed out of reach and cannot be accessed during the flight. They will be returned at the end of the flight.
- If more than six personal electronic individual devices are already secured, then you will have to check-in your device into your hand baggage, which will be stored in the aircraft hold.
- If you are unable to check-in your hand baggage with the device or do not have a hand baggage, then your item will need to be deposited with Lost and Found. You will then be required to make a claim on the airline website and collect the item from the airport on your return.

Electronic Devices on USA-bound Flights
- All personal electronic devices carried on board all USA-bound flights from Doha are subject to enhanced security screening
- Ensure your electronic device(s) has sufficient power to be switched on to demonstrate its functionality.
- Examples of personal electronic devices that are subject to enhanced security screening include: DSLR camera | Radio | E-reader | Walkie-talkie | Laptop | Tablet | Water purifier | Large game console | Monitor| CD-ROM | Drone | Electric guitar | Printer and scanner

Animals in-cabin on Qatar Airways
With the exception of falcons and service dogs, animals are not allowed in the cabin during any flight. Falcons are allowed only in Economy Class and must be hooded for the entire journey. Customers are limited to carrying only one falcon aboard the flight. A chain or cord must be attached to one of the bird's legs and tied securely to the handler to prevent the bird from flying.

A maximum of six birds are permitted in the cabin of an aircraft.

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Fees 2023 - Checked Bag Weight & Size Limits

Qatar Airways has slightly simplified its checked baggage allowances by standardising a bit more across routes. The standard baggage allowances are shown below. Please note that some exceptions may apply on specific routes, so please check your ticket/board pass for exact allowances for your specific flight and fare type.

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance on Flights to/from Africa or Americas - Piece Concept
Economy Lite: 1 piece (23kg/50lb each)
Economy Classic: 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)
Economy Convenience: 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)
Economy Comfort: 2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)
Business Lite: 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
Business Classic: 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
Business Comfort: 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
Business Elite: 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
First Elite: 2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance on Flights to/from All Other Destinations - Weight Concept
Economy Lite: 25kg (55lb)
Economy Classic: 25kg (55lb)
Economy Convenience: 30kg (66lb)
Economy Comfort: 35kg (77lb)
Business Lite: 40kg (88lb)
Business Classic: 40kg (88lb)
Business Comfort: 40kg (88lb)
Business Elite: 40kg (88lb)
First Elite: 50kg (110lb)

Maximum dimension means linear dimensions = length + height + width

For routes where the weight concept apply, there is no limit on the number of pieces that can be checked in as long as the weight allowance for the total number of pieces is not exceeded. However, limitations may apply based on aircraft carrying capacity.

A single piece of checked baggage should weigh no more than 32kg (70lb). Any bags weighing more than 32kg (70lb) must be broken down so that each piece weighs less than 32kg (70lb).

Excess baggage charges may apply if you exceed the weight and/or piece allowances.

Qatar Airways Overweight Baggage Fee 2023 - Extra Bag Fee - Oversize Baggage

Qatar Airways offers a generous free checked baggage allowance, however the fees are very steep if you exceed the free baggage allowance.

Depending on when and how much extra baggage you are bringing, purchasing online via the Qatar Airways website can be up to about 70% cheaper than paying for your excess weight at the airport. If flying on a Piece Concept flight, the online price for extra bags is approximately 20% cheaper than at the airport.

Qatar Airways has quite a complex baggage fee structure depending on the origin/destination of your flight. Please check the exact extra baggage rates per KG on the Qatar site:

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