SCUBA Gear Fees - Flying with SCUBA Diving Equipment and Tanks

Many airlines accept SCUBA Diving equipment as checked luggage on their flights, although if exceeding weight limits, overweight and oversize fees may apply. This can apply to both your diving equipment, as well as any underwater camera equipment you may be flying with.

When flying with your SCUBA gear, check whether you are allowed to fly with your tanks, as many airlines do not accept SCUBA tanks on their flights for safety reasons. In those cases, you may have to fly with another airline, or rent tanks once you arrive at your destination [AMZ asins='B00NIYJF6U,B001PB6R4Q,B009F1924K,B00ZHPLCS2']

Airline NameAccepts SCUBA Diving Equipment?Included in Allowance?CostPolicy / Comments
Aer LingusYesNo40-50 EURView Policy
AeroflotYesYesFreeView Policy
Aerolineas ArgentinasYesNo$50 - $100 USDView Policy
AeromexicoYesNo$75 - $165 USDView Policy
Air AlgerieYesYesFreeView Policy
Air BelgiumYesNo100-175 EURView Policy
Air BerlinYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air CanadaYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
Air EuropaYesNo150-250 EURView Policy
Air FranceYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Air New ZealandYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
Air TransatYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
AirTran AirwaysYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Alaska AirlinesYesYes$35-$45View Policy
Allegiant AirYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
American AirlinesYesYes$150View Policy
ArajetYesNo$44.99 - $90 USDView Policy
ArkeFlyYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
AsercaYesNo$15 - $100 USDView Policy
Asiana AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
Austrian AirlinesYesYesSee Policy - FREEView Policy
Avelo AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
AviancaYesYes$100 ($20 - $150 USD)View Policy
AZUL Brazilian AirlinesYesYes$150View Policy
BahamasAirYesYesFree or $75 USDView Policy
BelaviaYesNoFreeView Policy
Boliviana de AviacionYesYesFreeView Policy
Breeze AirwaysYesYes$40-$50 USDView Policy
British AirwaysYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
Brussels AirlinesYesYesSee Policy - FREEView Policy
Bulgarian Air CharterYesNoFreeView Policy
Caribbean AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage Fees + $75 USDView Policy
Cayman AirwaysYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
CondorYesNo45-135 EUR ($115-$160 USD)View Policy
Contour AirlinesYesYes$25 USDView Policy
Copa AirlinesYesYes$150 USDView Policy
Croatia AirlinesYesNoSee Policy - FREEView Policy
Cubana de AviacionYesYesFreeView Policy
Czech AirlinesYesYesSee Policy - FREEView Policy
Delta AirlinesYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
Eastern AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
EasyJetYesNo37 - 47 GBPView Policy
Edelweiss AirYesNoFREEView Policy
EmiratesYesYesIncludedView Policy
EnerjetYesYesFreeView Policy
Etihad AirwaysYesYesFree - Overweight FeeView Policy
EurowingsYesNofrom 50 EURView Policy
Fiji AirwaysYesYesSee Policy - $65-$200View Policy
Flair AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
FlyNikiYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
FrenchbeeYesNo75 EUR - 100 EURView Policy
Frontier AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
GermaniaYesNo60 EURView Policy
GermanwingsYesNofrom EUR 50View Policy
Gol AirlinesYesYesIncludedView Policy
Hainan AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
Hawaiian AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Iberia AirlinesYesYes0 - 45 EURView Policy
Iceland AirYesYesFreeView Policy
Insel AirYesNoFree / $40 USDView Policy
InterjetYesYesFree - $30 USDView Policy
ITA AirwaysYesNo40-90 EURView Policy
Jamaica AirwaysYesNo$50 USDView Policy
jet2.comYesNo30 GBPView Policy
JetBlueYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
JettimeYesNo41 EURView Policy
KLMYesYesSee Policy - 40-250 EURView Policy
Korean AirYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
LANYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
LATAMYesNo$40 - $150 USDView Policy
Level AirlinesYesYes95 EUR / 105 USDView Policy
LIAT Leeward Island Air TransportYesNo$40 USDView Policy
LOT AirlinesYesYesFreeView Policy
LufthansaYesYesFreeView Policy
Monarch AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Neos AirYesNo$110-$130 USDView Policy
Norse Atlantic AirwaysYesNo$100-$145View Policy
NorwegianYesNo35-60 EURView Policy
Pacific CoastalYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Pegasus AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Porter AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
QantasYesYesFREEView Policy
Qatar AirwaysYesYesFree - See PolicyView Policy
SAS Scandinavian AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
Sky AirlineYesYes$29 USD - $61 USDView Policy
Skywest AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
SmartWingsYesNo59 EURView Policy
SouthwestYesYesFREEView Policy
Spirit AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage Fees - No TanksView Policy
Star PeruYesYesFreeView Policy
Sun Country AirlinesYesNo$100 USDView Policy
SunwingYesNo$75 CADView Policy
Surinam AirwaysYesNo$50 - $185 USDView Policy
Swoop AirlinesYesYesStandard Baggage FeesView Policy
TACAYesYesFreeView Policy
TAM AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
TAMEYesYesIncludedView Policy
TAP PortugalYesNo60-130 EUR / 77-162 USDView Policy
Thomas CookYesNo40 - 60 GBP / 45-70 EURView Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Transavia.comYesNo42 EURView Policy
TUIflyYesNo65 EURView Policy
Turkish AirlinesYesNo30-60 EURView Policy
United AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyView Policy
Virgin AmericaYesYes$25 USDView Policy
Virgin AtlanticYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
Virgin AustraliaYesYesFree - Standard Baggage FeeView Policy
VivaAerobusYesNo$30-69 USDView Policy
Volaris AirlinesYesNo$40-$200 USDView Policy
WestjetYesNoSee PolicyView Policy
Wizz AirYesNo45 - 65 EURView Policy

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