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Breeze Airways Firearms Policy 2023: Flying with Guns, Firearms, and Ammo Guide

Firearms Accepted in Checked Baggage on Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways will accept your firearm only in checked baggage.  Firearms are never accepted in carry-on bags or to be brought through the security check-point onto the plane.

You must be 18 years of age or older to fly with a firearm on Breeze Airways. [AMZ asins='B07B7ZB484,B09FS5JJM3,B094WBMGRM,B0001HCBOU']

Packing a Firearm and Ammunition on Breeze Airways

Your firearm must completely UNLOADED and packed in a LOCKED, HARD-SIDED Case.

Your firearms case must not be able to be easily pried open. Some longer rifle and shotgun cases that are locked in the middle can be pried open on the ends - it is important to use a case with multiple locking points so that your firearm cannot be accessed.

You must retain the key/combo to your locked gun case at all times.

Ammunition is limited to a total of 11 lbs / 5 kg per passenger.  It must be packed in its original packaging box, or in a box specifically designed for securely packing small amounts of ammunition.  Loose ammunition is not accepted.

Checking-In Your Firearm with Breeze Airways

Upon arrival at the airport, you must declare youre firearm to a Breeze Airways representative at a Check-In desk inside the airport.  You will be asked to sign a Firearms Declaration tag that will be placed with your gun.

Your firearm and/or case may be inspected by TSA agents before your case can be checked in.  It is important that you retain the key/combo to the locks on your case at all times while traveling with your gun.

You are responsible for knowing and abiding by all laws, including local, state, and federal laws regarding transportation and possession of firearms, at your origin, destination, and any stopover locations along your way.

Your firearm case will count toward your standard Breeze Airways checked baggage allowance, and any applicable excess, overweight, or oversize baggage fees will be charged.

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