Flying with a Wedding Dress on Air Canada

Bringing a Wedding Dress as Carry-On on Air Canada

Air Canada does not provide any special permissions for bringing a Wedding Dress or Bridal Gown on your flight.  The airline simply states that wedding dresses can be carried on board and stored in the overhead bin, as long as the garment bag is within the standard carry-on bag dimensions.  This limit is 55 x 23 x 40 cm.  

To ensure that your wedding gown arrives safely to your destination, we recommend keeping your dress with you as your carry-on, rather than risk having it lost it for your big day by packing it into your checked suitcase. Pack your gown safely into a travel-specific wedding gown garment bag that fits your dress lengthwise, yet can fold into a carry-on size - this is typically a tri-fold garment bag.  Be sure to pack your wedding shoes and jewellery into your carry-on as well, rather than into checked luggage. [AMZ asins='B07N7KY1Q8,B07V91437Y,B08LMYP6T8,B09TRCCPCB']

When boarding the plane, ask the Air Canada flight attendants to hang your wedding dress in a jacket closet when you board the aircraft.  Not all aircraft have this closet, but if they do it is usually near the business-class section of the aircraft. If you can get your wedding gown into the closet, it will avoid the risk of being crushed or damaged by shifting luggage in the overhead lockers.  Unfortunately, placing your wedding gown into the jacket closet is not always an option, in which case it is best that your gown be securely packed into a travel-specific garment garment to keep it as safe as possible when placed in the overhead lockers. 

When arriving at your destination, your dress is sure to arrive wrinkly, but nothing that a handheld steamer cannot deal with.  You will most likely need to hang and steam your wedding gown to get rid of the wrinkles to get it ready for your big day.

Bringing a Hand-Held Steamer on Air Canada

When traveling with your wedding dress or bridal gown, you will almost always need to steam your dress at your destination to get rid of the wrinkles.  Travel steamers are accepted in your carry-on bag on Air Canada as long as there is no liquid in the steamer, otherwise you cannot take it through security.  You can also simply pack your steamer into your regular checked luggage.


Flying with a Suit as Carry-On on Air Canada

You can bring a suit or tuxedo in a garment-bag on Air Canada as part of your standard carry-on allowance, as long as the garment bag when folded fits within the dimensions of 55 x 23 x 40 cm.  You can also pack your suit by folding it properly into your standard carry-on bag to ensure it arrives as wrinkle-free as possible. 

Bringing a Bridesmaid Dress on Air Canada

Your bridesmaid dress can travel as your carry-on item on Air Canada as long as the dimensions of the garment bag when folded fit within the 55 x 23 x 40 cm carry-on bag dimensions.  Similar to a wedding dress, it is recommended to always bring your bridesmaid dress with you in your carry-on, rather than risk having it lost by packing it into a checked bag.  Be sure to pack a travel hand-steamer to deal with any wrinkles once you arrive at the destination.

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