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Air Canada Carry On 2023 - Cabin Bag Size & Weight Limit

Air Canada Baggage Report Card

Carry-On Allowance8 / 10
Checked Bag Allowance6 / 10
Excess Baggage Fees6 / 10
Overall Grade6.7 / 10

With Air Canada you may bring 2 items with you onto the plane as carry-on. Air Canada no longer limits the weight of your carry-on, although you must be able to place it in the overhead bin yourself. Size limitations still apply. The first standard carry-on item is limited in size to 23x40x55cm. The smaller second item is considered your "personal item", and is limited in size to 16x33x43cm.

Be sure to note that Air Canada has become much more vigilant in terms of size restrictions for carry-on items, and are known to measure bags at the gate and charge for oversize/gate-checked carry-on items. This is especially true since they have removed the 1st free checked bag on most routes. [AMZ asins='B00LB7REFK,B082K8ZNQ1,B07ZWLQF9T,B00NW62PCA']

* If you are travelling with an infant on your lap, you may carry on 1 additional Standard article for their belongings.

Examples of standard or personal articles (as determined by their size)
Carry-on bag, roller bag, backpack, briefcase,
Laptop computer,
Cat or small dog in its carrier,
Airport shopping and duty-free purchases,
Sport racquet (e.g. tennis, squash, badminton),
Camera bag,
Garment bag (size and weight restrictions apply),
Diplomatic or consular bag,
Musical instrument.

Other items you may bring on board
Here are examples of items you can bring on board in addition to your carry-on allowance:
Coat or other outer garment,
Small purse measuring no more than 25cm x 30cm x 14cm (10in x 12in x 5.5 in).
Larger purses will be included in your carry-on allowance.
Infant care item (e.g. diaper bag),
Stroller - collapsed diameter not to exceed 25.5 cm (10 in) and length not to exceed 92 cm (36 in),
Child restraint device if a seat has been purchased for the child/infant,
Special needs items (see 'Special Items' section below),
Small electronic device such as cell phone or MP3 player.
Snacks or food to eat on board:
All food must be wrapped or in a container.
You may not consume your own alcoholic beverages on board.
Always purchase liquids after you've passed the security checkpoint.

Special items
The following items are allowed at all times, in addition to your carry-on allowance:
Mobility aid (e.g. braces, cane, crutches, walker, communication device*) or other special need item,
Container carrying life sustaining items,
Medication in its original, labelled container,
Battery-powered medical equipment (such as CPAP and sleep apnea devices) and Personal Oxygen Concentrators,
Cremated remains**,
Syringe or needle for personal medical use (e.g. Epipen).
*Device that helps a passenger communicate (e.g. augmentative and alternate communication (AAC) device).
** Cremated remains may be carried on board provided they are stored in an urn, or a cardboard or wooden box (with a tight-fitting lid to ensure no spillage) that can be security screened. The remains must be accompanied by a certificate of cremation or a death certificate.

Important: All of the above regulations are strictly enforced. Passengers who exceed their allowance will be required to check their carry-on baggage, and additional checked baggage charges may apply.

Codeshare flights/flights with other airlines
Passengers who purchase travel on a codeshare flight or a flight with another airline may be subject to the baggage policy and other rules of the airline operating the first flight in their itinerary.

For the specific terms and conditions of any Air Canada codeshare partner or other airline sold on aircanada.com, visit the operating carrier's website directly.

Musical instruments
Air Canada will try to accommodate smaller musical instruments (e.g. violins) as part of your carry-on baggage allowance provided they do not exceed the maximum allowable size and weight permitted for carry-on baggage
Due to passenger loads, aircraft limitations and/or storage space available, we cannot guarantee that a musical instrument can be accommodated on board. Please be prepared to transport your musical instrument as checked baggage.

Wedding dresses
You can store your wedding dress in the overhead bin provided it is within our carry-on baggage size restrictions (23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm - 9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in). The dress should be stored in a garment bag and should be folded in half to reduce wrinkling. Please note that carry-on items can shift during the flight, possibly causing delicate items to be wrinkled, crushed or torn, and that items placed in overhead bins may have other items placed on top of them by other passengers.

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