Air Canada Golf Bag Fees and Policies

Air Canada Golf Clubs Policy 2023
Airline Name Air Canada
Sport Golf Clubs
Accepts Golf Clubs? Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance? Yes
Cost Free - Standard Baggage Fee
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Air Canada accepts golf bags in place of a regular piece of checked luggage, provided it weighs less than the standard 23 kg (50 lb) weight limit.

This is approximately one golf bag containing:
14 clubs
12 golf balls and
one (1) pair of golf shoes [AMZ asins='B00CUEFDSS,B001P9IA0C,B09BZ2HB4T,B002LZA8PY']

This golf bag will count toward the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type, and regular checked baggage fees may apply.

Golf bags may contain more clubs and balls; however, standard overweight baggage fees will apply if the weight of the bag is over 23 kg (50 lb).

Air Canada Golf Bag Fee 2023
The golf bag will count as a piece of regular checked luggage - standard checked baggage fees may apply.
No oversize charge applies to golf bags.
An overweight baggage fee will be charged if the golf bag weighs more than 50 lbs / 23 kg.

All other additional checked baggage rules apply.

Packing instructions
Items must be suitably packed in rigid and/or hard shell container specifically designed for shipping. If otherwise packaged, items may be refused for carriage. Air Canada is not liable if and to the extent that any damage results from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage.

We recommend protecting your golf clubs with a CaddyDaddy North Pole golf club protector, a BagBoy Backbone crush-resistant travel cover for extra protection during handling and avoid your clubs from getting bent or crushed.

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