Sunwing SCUBA Gear Fees

Sunwing SCUBA Diving Equipment Policy 2024
Airline Name Sunwing
Sport SCUBA Diving Equipment
Accepts SCUBA Diving Equipment? Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance? No
Cost $75 CAD
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SCUBA diving equipment will no longer be accepted free of charge by Sunwing - in 2024, Sunwing now charges a $75 sports equipment fee (each way) for bringing your SCUBA Diving equipment. This higher fee is in effect as of December 5th 2023, with SCUBA gear previously costing only $25.

A full scuba set includes one of each: air supply regulator, pressure gauge, tank harness, face mask, pair of diving fins, snorkel, knife, spear gun, air pistol and safety vest. All equipment must be securely packed in a rigid or hard-shell container specifically designed for storage in the cargo hold. If the weight of your SCUBA gear exceeds 23 kg , overweight/oversized baggage fees apply. A limited release form must be signed at check-in. [AMZ asins='B00NIYJF6U,B001PB6R4Q,B009F1924K,B00ZHPLCS2']

Passengers are allowed to carry only one piece of sporting equipment per passenger.

Passengers are not permitted to include personal items such as clothing or other non-related items in the sport equipment container.

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