Norwegian Bike Fees and Policies

Norwegian Bikes Policy 2022
Airline Name Norwegian
Sport Bikes
Accepts Bikes? Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance? No
Cost 35-60 EUR
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Norwegian Airlines accepts your bicycle as checked baggage, for a fee of 35 EUR when booked online ahead of time, or 60 EUR at the airport. It is recommended to purchase/book your bike EARLY, as space is limited.

Packing your Bike on Norwegian Flights
For bikes that are not packed in a hardshell bike suitcase, the handles must be turned around, pedals must be taken off, other additional parts must be removed or covered and the tyres must be deflated. [AMZ asins='B00JEILGMK,B00FRG7Q7W,B018FF6EV0,B00FNSS6QY']

Electric bikes cannot be transported as checked baggage, even if the battery is disconnected or removed as they are considered to be hazardous goods.

Flights departing from Los Angeles (LAX) and Bangkok (BKK) refuse soft bags and require that all bikes are packed in a hard cases or boxes.

If you are travelling with a bicycle that is not packaged in a hardshell bike suitcase, you must make a request for the carriage of this item via our Contact Centre at least 48 hours prior to departure.

NOTE: Bicycles must not exceed 23kg. Bike bags/boxes must only contain bicycle equipment.

Norwegian Airlines Bike Fees 2022
All flights (excl. international long haul)
35 EUR (online)
60 EUR (airport)

All items are charged per item, each way.

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