What is Piece Concept vs Weight Concept Luggage?

Piece Concept Luggage Rules

Piece Concept luggage rules are when an airline allows a specified number of bags to be checked in, with specified size and weight limits for each bag.

Example: "Two bags of 23kg/50lbs, with maximum size of 62 linear inches (158cm)". [AMZ asins='']

In this example, you are allowed to check up to two separate bags. Each of the bags must weigh less than 23kg/50lbs. The total linear dimensions of each bag must be less than 62 inches/158cm (Please see the "What are Linear Dimensions?" page for more info). If you are checking in a third bag, you will be charged an excess baggage fee for that bag.

The piece concept usually applies to most flights within North America, as well as on most international routes to/from North America. Many international airlines are moving toward the piece concept, and away from the previous Weight Concept rules, while some use a combination of piece concept and weight concept rules, depending on the route.

Weight Concept Luggage Rules

The weight concept luggage rule provides a maximum total weight of luggage that must not be exceeded without paying an overweight baggage fee. There is no limit to the number of bags allowed to be checked in, as long as the total weight of the bags does not exceed the allowed weight. Keep in mind, this is the TOTAL weight of all your checked bags, not the individual weight allowed for each bag.

For example, if you had a Weight Concept allowance of 20kg/44lbs for your flight, you would be able to check in 1 bag of 20kg/44lbs, or 2 bags of 10kg/22lbs each, or any combination of bags as long as the total weight of all bags together would not exceed the 20kg/44lbs limit.

Please note that most airlines have a strict individual bag weight limit of 32kg/70lbs, so even if your weight concept allowance exceeds 32kg/70lbs, no individual bag will be allowed to weigh more than 32kg/70lbs. For example, if you had a 50kg/110lbs weight concept allowance, you would have to bring minimum 2 bags in order to take the total allowed weight, as no bag may exceed 32kg/70lbs.

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