Flying With a Golf Bag on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs Policy
Airline Name Spirit Airlines
Category Golf Clubs
Accepts Golf Clubs Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost See Policy
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Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs Policy

Golf equipment will be accepted as baggage. Golf clubs can be transported as a normal checked item if within the standard weight limit (size limits are waived for golf clubs). Checked baggage weight charges apply. Charges will apply and clubs must be with in the checked baggage weight limits. A limited liability release form must be signed by the customer for soft - sided golf bags. Golf equipment may consist of:
Golf bag,
Golf clubs,
Golf balls,
Golf shoes.

A pull cart may be included if it is attached to the golf bag. Golf equipment should be enclosed with a cover to prevent loss of contents. Hard sided carriers are recommended.

Golf Travel Bags

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