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American Airlines Baggage Report Card

Carry-on Allowance9/10
Checked Baggage Allowance5/10
Excess Baggage Fees7/10
Overall Grade7.0/10

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American Airlines Carry-On Allowance 2018 ↑ Back to Top

Carry-On Summary

One carry-on bag is allowed on American Airlines flights, with dimensions being limited to 22 x 14 x9 inches (56x35x23cm), in order to be able to fit it into the overhead compartment or below your seat.

An additional "Personal Item" is allowed, such as a purse briefcase or laptop, which you must be able to keep under the seat in front of you.

Weight limits are not explicitly specified, but you must be able to place the bags into the overhead bins yourself, or keep them by your feet below the seat in front of you, obstructing your legroom.

Keep in mind that with Basic Economy fares, you are only allowed a single personal item, no carry-on suitcase is allowed.

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Carry-On Security Rules

TSA - (USA): TSA Carry-On Regulations and Carry-On Liquid Restrictions

CATSA - (Canada): CATSA Carry-On Prohibited Items and CATSA Carry-On Liquids and Gel Restrictions

American Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance 2018 ↑ Back to Top

Checked Baggage Summary

Flights within and between the US, Canada, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico will always charge for every bag, including your first checked bag. The rate is $25 for the first bag, $35 for a second bag, $150 for a 3rd bag, and $200 for every additional bag. The weight is limited to 23kg (50lbs) for each of those bags.

On flights to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, you are no longer allowed a free checked bag, and may be charged $25 for the first bag, and $40 for a second bag, depending on the destination. A third bag will cost an additional $150, and $200 for any bags after that. Some flights are exempted from these fees based on the destination airport, so be sure to check the full fee schedule to find your airport code.

American Airlines still allows 1 free checked bag on most intercontinental flights, however, please keep in mind they do charge an exorbitant amount ($100-$200) for a second bag on trans-Atlantic flights. Transpacific flights allow 2 free bags, and charge $200 for additional bags.

Some exceptions and baggage embargoes do exist, if in doubt, make sure to read and understand the full policies for your route.

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American Airlines Oversize/Overweight Baggage Fees 2018 ↑ Back to Top

Excess/Oversize/Overweight Summary

Overweight bags on American Airlines are split into 2 categories, with a flat rate for each one.

Bags between 50-70lbs (23-32kg) will cost $100 to most destinations, and $200 if the bag weighs between 70-100lbs (32-45 kg) ($450 to China/Japan).

Some routes do not allow any bags over 70lbs (32kg), and you will be asked to re-pack into a separate bag, for which you will be charged an Excess Baggage fee for an additional.

If you have a large bag, greater than 62 linear inches, American Airlines will charge you an additional $150-$200 oversize baggage fee to check it in.

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