Top 5 European Golf-Friendly Airlines in 2017

Golf is a growing sport in Europe, and many airlines are willing to accept your golf bags in exchange for a regular piece of standard luggage.

When flying in Europe, keep in mind that many budget airlines charge for all checked bags, so even if you can take a golf bag in place of a standard suitcase, you may end up having to pay for that privilege.

Look for flying with airlines that will fly your golf bag free of charge, in addition to your standard checked baggage allowance.

You can also view a full list of Golf Clubs Baggage Policies for over 300 airlines on the Flying with Golf Clubs page.

1. Virgin Atlantic

Although Virgin Atlantic no longer accepts sports equipment in addition to their standard checked baggage allowance, they will still accept a golf bag in place of a standard suitcase in your regular checked baggage allowance.

Flying with Golf Clubs on Virgin Atlantic

Planning a golf trip with Virgin Atlantic? We’ll fly your golf equipment as part of your baggage allowance as long as it weighs in at 23kg or less.

Here’s what your golf equipment can include:

One bag (containing a maximum of 14 clubs)
A dozen balls
One pair of golf shoes.

View Regular Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance Information

View Virgin Atlantic Golf Clubs Policies


SWISS accepts golf equipment in place of a regular piece of checked luggage within your baggage allowance. It also offers a Golf Traveller program where you can become a member, allowing you to take golf equipment free of charge in addition to your regular checked luggage allowance.

Flying with Golf Clubs on SWISS

We are happy to transport your sports equipment subject to no extra charge, provided that you do not exceed your baggage allowance. You will only be charged extra fees if you want to transport more items of luggage than those included in your allowance or if your luggage is heavier than the standard allowance.

Golf equipment consists of 1 golf bag, containing:
1 set of golf clubs
golf balls and tees
1 pair of golf shoes

European Flights
CHF 60 / EUR 50 / USD 70 / CAD 70

Intercontinental Flights
CHF 120 / EUR 100 / USD 150 / CAD 150

As a SWISS Golf Traveller member, we are happy to transport your golf equipment free of charge on flights operated by SWISS.

Free transportation of golf equipment for Miles & More HON, Senators, and Star Alliance Gold members, excluding flights from/to/via USA/Canada. Does not apply for the Economy Light fare.

View Regular SWISS Baggage Allowance Information

View SWISS Golf Clubs Policies

3. Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines will accept a piece of golf equipment in place of your regular checked baggage allowance. In addition, it offers a free bag of golf equipment if you flying as a HON Circle Member, Senator, or Star Alliance Gold Member.

Flying with Golf Clubs on Austrian Airlines

Sports equipment is part of your free baggage allowance if its size with respect to number and weight is within the stated limits.

1 golf bag containing
1 set of golf clubs
golf balls and tees
1 pair of golf shoes

Charge per Route Europe
EUR 50 or USD/CAD 70

Charge per Route Intercontinental
EUR 100 or USD/CAD 150

1 golf equipment is transported free of charge for our status members HON Circle Member, Senator and Star Alliance Gold Member – except in Europe fare "Economy Light" and not on routes to/from/via USA or Canada.

View Regular Austrian Airlines Baggage Allowance Information

View Austrian Airlines Golf Clubs Policies

4. British Airways

British Airways, like many airlines, allows golf equipment in place of a regular piece of luggage. However, BA makes it onto our list by allowing a larger size (190 x 75 x 65 cm) bag, without dinging you for your golf bag being oversized.

Flying with Golf Clubs on British Airways

You can take your golf equipment as part of your checked baggage, provided it does not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and is packed in a recognised bag or case to safeguard against damage. This bag can be up to 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in).

If you carry your golf umbrella or parasol separately it will count as one item of your checked baggage allowance.

View Regular British Airways Baggage Allowance Information

View British Airways Golf Clubs Policies

5. Air France

Air France and Flying Blue member airlines allow you to take a golf bag in place of a regular piece of checked luggage free of charge, if within your checked baggage allowance.

If you are a Flying Blue member, you are able to take a golf bag free of charge in addition to your regular checked baggage allowance.

Flying with Golf Clubs on Air France

Your golf equipment (bag containing clubs and shoes) is considered as a standard checked baggage item and is included at no extra charge in your baggage allowance (except for Economy Mini and Basic fare tickets).

Are you a Flying Blue Golf member? You may transport one golf bag containing golf equipment only at no extra charge, regardless of how many baggage items you check in.* To benefit from this allowance, please visit the Flying Blue Golf website and complete the corresponding form on your “Profile” page. You will receive a voucher to print and present at the airport.

* On flights provided by AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Corsica, Air Calin or HOP!. Your golf bag must not exceed 23 kg / 50 lb in weight.

View Regular Air France Baggage Allowance Information

View Air France Golf Clubs Policies

6. BONUS - Bulgarian Air Charter

This small airline, Bulgarian Air Charter, only flies to a very limited number of destinations, so were not included in our list of Top 5 Golf Friendly European Airlines, but they do have a very golf-friendly baggage policy.

Bulgarian Air Charter allows you to bring a golf bag of up to 20kg/44lbs free of charge in addition to your regular checked baggage allowance.

It would be nice if more airlines adopted these friendly policies so we can all bring our golf clubs without any additional hassle.

Flying with Golf Clubs on Bulgarian Air Charter

We have also extended good care to our guests, who would like to indulge in their favorite sports hobby just during their vacation time. With that end in view we offer a possibility to each of our passengers to transport for free /without payment/ one set of the sports accessories, listed herein below /maximum weight of 20 kg./ along all the destinations of our airline, both for one way and return flight.

Golf Equipment - No Charge - 20kg - Prior Registration Required

View Regular Bulgarian Air Charter Baggage Allowance Information

View Bulgarian Air Charter Golf Clubs Policies

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