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02 Jan 2018

Flying With Windsurfing Boards and Sails on American Airlines 2018

American Airlines Windsurfing Equipment Policy 2018
Airline Name American Airlines
Category Windsurfing Equipment
Accepts Windsurfing Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost $150 USD
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American Airlines Windsurfing Equipment Policy

Fortunately for windsurfers, American Airlines is one of the friendlier US-based airlines for flying with windsurfing equipment. Although there is a high flat fee of $150 USD for windsurfing equipment (you can not bring it as a replacement for your regular checked baggage allowance), the weight allowance is actually quite reasonable, of 70lbs/32kg per piece, and you are permitted to pack the board in a separate bag from your sails, with both pieces counting as a single piece of windsurf equipment.

You may require some haggling at the airport, but these are the official American Airlines rules, so be sure to print out the official rules and bring them with you to the airport in case they are required, as many check-in agents are not familiar with the allowance for separate pieces for windsurf equipment.

These is the text from the American Airlines website regarding windsurfing equipment:


You can travel with:

1 board
1 mast
A boom and sail

$150 for every 2 pieces

Maximum Weight and Size
70 lbs. and 126 inches based on the airplane size and load factors

Additional Information
Acceptance conditional on aircraft size and load factors
Up to two pieces (as described) count as one piece for baggage charges.


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