Last Updated:
04 Jan 2018

Flying With Windsurfing Boards and Sails on Air Canada 2018

Air Canada Windsurfing Equipment Policy 2018
Airline Name Air Canada
Category Windsurfing Equipment
Accepts Windsurfing Equipment No
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost Not Accepted
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Air Canada Windsurfing Equipment Policy

Air Canada does not accept windsurfing equipment. On the Air Canada website it states the following regarding windsurf boards:


The following items are not accepted as checked baggage because of their overall dimensions:

Hang gliders
Vaulting poles
Windsurfing equipment

They must be shipped via Air Canada Cargo.

Exception: Air Canada Cargo cannot handle shipments from or via the US as passengers are considered as unknown shippers for cargo purposes. Please contact another shipping company for this service.

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