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05 Jan 2018

Flying With a Bike on Air Transat 2018

Air Transat Bikes Policy 2018
Airline Name Air Transat
Category Bikes
Accepts Bikes Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost $30
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Air Transat Bikes Policy

Air Transat will accept your bicycle or unicycle as checked baggage, after payment of a special handling fee. The Air Transat bicycle handling fee is $30 per item, per flight segment. Included in the fee is an oversize plastic bag, available at Air Transat check-in counters.

Air Transat Bicycle Handling Fee in other Currencies:
USD: $30 / EUR: €24 / GBP: £20 / CHF: 30 / HRK: 155 / HUF: 6600 / CZK: 600

In preparation for travel, handlebars must be turned sideways and secured, the tires deflated, and the pedals removed. A bicycle helmet is accepted free of charge.

The bicycle must be placed in a sturdy bag or box.

Maximum weight 32 kg (including bicycle bag/box). Oversized plastic bags are available at all Air Transat check-in counters. The bag is included in the $30 CA charge (local foreign currency equivalent).

Oversize/tandem bicycles: As security facilities vary between airports, we suggest these items be shipped via cargo, as security facilities vary between airports and may not accommodate larger items, which could result in refusal of acceptance.

Children’s tricycles: 3-wheeled children’s tricycles are accepted at no charge

Lithium battery powered bicycles: are not accepted as passenger baggage at check-in. Please contact our Cargo department for information.

For groups of 10 passengers or more travelling with bicycles, please contact us in advance as special arrangements may be required (additional charges may apply).

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