Flying With a Kayak

Due to their bulky size, many airlines do not accept Kayaks on their planes, even if you are willing to pay excess luggage. The airlines that do take kayaks have strict policies in effect, and the size of the boat does matter. Be sure to check which plane you will be flying in, so as to see whether the cargo load is large enough to fit your boat.

Charter airlines are usually more accepting of kayaks and sporting equipment in general, whereas the scheduled airlines will make more of an issue out of your kayak. Further, those that do accept kayaks charge huge fees for the service, so it may make more sense to ship your kayak using a luggage shipping/luggage forwarding service, such as the ones linked to on this site.

Tips for Flying with a Kayak
If you do insist on taking your kayak with you on your flight, here are some tips for packing your kayak, and getting it onto the plane.

- Always use a kayak bag to protect the kayak
- Wrap the kayak in cloth/blanket/bubble wrap to disguise it
- Try claiming it as a surfboard, although it may be risky if found out
- If trying to hide the fact that you are bringing a kayak, consider disguising/not bringing your paddle. Do not pack your paddling gear inside the boat.
- Dress and act professionally. SMILE :-) to the check-in agent, do not cause any trouble.
- DO NOT ask to talk to a manager. You are better off trying to sort out the situation with the check-in agent. If a manager shows up, they will likely be more strict in enforcing the rules, and charge a higher price.

Airline Takes Kayaks? Included in Allowance? Cost Policy/Comments
Adria AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Aegean AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
AeroflotYesYesFreeShow Policy
Air AsiaNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Air Asia XNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Air BerlinYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air CanadaYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air ChathamsYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Air MauritiusYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Air NelsonYesYesFREEShow Policy
Air New ZealandYesYesFreeShow Policy
Air NipponYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air PacificYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Air PolandNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Air PullmanturYesNo100 EURShow Policy
Air RarotongaYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Air TahitiNoNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Air TransatNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Air VIAYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Airlines of TasmaniaYesYesFREEShow Policy
AirTran AirwaysYesYesUSD 75Show Policy
Alaska AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Allegiant AirNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
American AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
ANA WingsYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Arik AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Arkia Israeli AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
AsercaNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
AurignyYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Austrian AirlinesYesYes100-200 EURShow Policy
AviancaNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
AZUL Brazilian AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
Bahrain AirYesNoBHD 19Show Policy
BinterCanariasYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
BlekingeflygYesNo150 SEKShow Policy
bmiYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
bmi RegionalYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
bmibabyYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
bmibaby.comYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
British AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Brussels AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Bulgaria AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
CanJetNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Caribbean AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Cathay PacificYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Chathams PacificYesNoTOP 30Show Policy
City AirlineNoNoShow Policy
CondorYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Continental AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Copa AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Corendon AirlinesYesNo50 EURShow Policy
Croatia AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Cyprus AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Czech AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Dagestan AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Danube WingsYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Darwin AirlineYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Delta AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
DragonairYesYesFREEShow Policy
Eastern AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
EasyJetYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Edelweiss AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
EgyptAirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
El AlYesNo$100-$200Show Policy
EmiratesYesYesFreeShow Policy
EnerjetNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Ethiopian AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
EuroLOTYesNoShow Policy
FinnairYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
FinnairYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Finncomm AirlinesYesNoEUR 50Show Policy
flybeYesNoGBP 30Show Policy
FlyNikiYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
FlysmalandYesNo150 SEKShow Policy
Frontier AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
GermaniaNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Gol AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
GotlandsflygYesNo150 SEKShow Policy
Gulf AirYesYesFREEShow Policy
Hainan AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Hawaiian AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Helvetic AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
helvetic.comYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Horizon AirYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Iceland AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
JAL ExpressYesYesFREEShow Policy
Japan AirlinesYesYesFREEShow Policy
JAT AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
jet2.comYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
JetBlueNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Jetstar.comYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
KalmarflygYesNo200 SEKShow Policy
Kenya AirwaysNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
KLMYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Korean AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
KullaflygYesNo150 SEKShow Policy
LANNoNoShow Policy
LATAMNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
LOT AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
LufthansaYesYesFreeShow Policy
Monarch AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Moskovia AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
NordaviaYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Norwegian Air ShuttleYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
OrenairYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Pacific BlueYesYesFREEShow Policy
Par-AvionYesYesFREEShow Policy
Pegasus AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Polynesian BlueYesYesFREEShow Policy
Porter AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Qatar AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Rossiya Russian AirlinesYesYesFREEShow Policy
Royal Air MarocYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
S7 AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
SATAYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Singapore AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Sky AirlinesYesNoEUR 35Show Policy
Skywest AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Solomon AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
South African AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
South East AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
SouthwestYesNo$75 USDShow Policy
SpanAirYesNo90 EURShow Policy
Spirit AirlinesNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
SundsvallsflygYesNo150 SEKShow Policy
SunExpressYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
SunwingYesNo$100 CAD Show Policy
SverigeflygYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
SWISSYesYesFreeShow Policy
Swiss European AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
Swiss International AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
SwissAirYesYesFreeShow Policy
TAMENoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
TAROMYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
TatarstanYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Thomas CookYesNoGBP 80Show Policy
Thomas Cook BelgiumYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Thomas Cook ScandinaviaYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Thomas Cook UKYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Tiger Airways AustraliaYesNoAUD 60Show Policy
Titan AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Ukraine International AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
United AirlinesNoNoSee PolicyShow Policy
URAL AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
US AirwaysYesNo200 USDShow Policy
UTairYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
V AustraliaYesYesFREEShow Policy
VIM AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Virgin AmericaNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Virgin AtlanticYesNoFreeShow Policy
Virgin AustraliaYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
VivaAerobusNoNoNot AcceptedShow Policy
Vladivostok AirYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
VladivostokaviaYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Volaris AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
VuelingNoNoShow Policy
WestjetYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Yakutia AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Yamal AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy © Copyright 2017 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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