Last Updated:
08 Jan 2018

Flying With a Kayak on US Airways 2018

US Airways Kayaks Policy 2018
Airline Name US Airways
Category Kayaks
Accepts Kayaks Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost 200 USD
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US Airways Kayaks Policy

Kayaks and canoes will be accepted as checked baggage for a charge of USD200 per direction. They are not included in the baggage allowance. If the kayak or canoe is not packaged in a hard shelled-case specifically designed for shipping, then a limited release must be signed by the customer. Kayaks and canoes are not accepted on US Airways Express flights. One unit of kayak or canoe equipment consists of:

Dimensions (H +W +L) must not exceed 115 in/292 cm and weight must not exceed 100 lb/45 kg
1 kayak or canoe
Paddles or oars
Life vest
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