Last Updated:
08 Jan 2018

Flying With a Snowboard on Aeromexico 2018

Aeromexico Snowboards Policy 2018
Airline Name Aeromexico
Category Snowboards
Accepts Snowboards Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost $75 / $150
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Aeromexico Snowboards Policy

Snowboards are accepted on Aeromexico flights for a fee of $75 on flights within Mexico, and $150 on International flights.

Maximum weight allowed per piece on Aeromexico routes is 100 lb/45 kg.

Maximum length allowed per piece on narrow-body cabin is 204 centimeters / 80 inches and wide-body cabin is 294 centimeters / 115 inches (Maximum length including case)

Transportation of these items on all AM/AMC flights will be accepted, without exception

Fees will be made for each article

Maximum length allowed per piece, by aircraft type:

Narrow-Body Cabin (E-145, E-170, E-175, E-190, B 737-700/800) 204 centimeters / 80 inches (Maximum length including case)

Wide-Body Cabin (B-767-200/300, B-777, B-787) 294 centimeters /115 inches (Maximum length including case)

Maximum weight allowed per Piece
45 kilos/100 pounds (any equipment on AM and AMC routes) © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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