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08 Feb 2012

Flying With a Golf Bag on ANA Wings 2012

ANA Wings Golf Clubs Policy 2012
Airline Name ANA Wings
Category Golf Clubs
Accepts Golf Clubs Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost See Policy
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ANA Wings Golf Clubs Policy

We may be able to accept sports equipment as checked baggage, which can be included free baggage allowance.
Even if your bulky baggage such as sports equipment is within free baggage allowance, your baggage may not be accepted for airport facility condition or small aircraft.
Please contact ANA Flights Reservation and Information Center in advance.
* Details of the maximum baggage length for each aircraft can be found below.

We may not accept your bulky baggage even when your baggage length is under the maximum length according to the load condition of other checked in baggage.
Ski equipment, golf bag and fishing equipment may not be accepted for flights operated by ANA (Q84, Q83, 320) and flights operated by IBEX and Oriental Air Bridge.

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