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09 Aug 2011

Flying With a Golf Bag on Air Chathams 2011

Air Chathams Golf Clubs Policy 2011
Airline Name Air Chathams
Category Golf Clubs
Accepts Golf Clubs Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost See Policy
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Air Chathams Golf Clubs Policy

Over-sized or excess baggage items such as fishing, diving equipment or bicycles may be carried subject to the following:
You must inform our office at least two days in advance of any special requirements
We will need to know the weight and dimensions of such items
Excess baggage rates apply (NZD 3.30 per kg)
Carriage is not guaranteed and your over-sized/excess items may be off loaded or carried on a separate flight

Where guaranteed carriage is required please discuss this with us at least two days in advance and preferably at the time of booking. Additional fees may be applicable.

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