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19 Jun 2011

Flying With Windsurfing Boards and Sails on BinterCanarias 2011

BinterCanarias Windsurfing Equipment Policy 2011
Airline Name BinterCanarias
Category Windsurfing Equipment
Accepts Windsurfing Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost See Policy
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BinterCanarias Windsurfing Equipment Policy

One set of surfing equipment consists solely of one surfboard. One set of windsurfing equipment consists of the board, boom, dagger board, mast and sail.

For acceptance on the flight, space must be reserved for this equipment before the passenger checks in.

Given the nature of this equipment, passengers should arrive at the airport with enough time for it to be checked in, transported to the aircraft and stowed in the hold.

If the reservation of space established above has been made, this equipment will be accepted on the flight as checked baggage to be carried in the hold. If the corresponding reservation has not been made, carriage of this equipment on the flight will be subject to availability of space in the hold. All parts must be appropriately stowed, packed and secured in such a way as to prevent breakage and to avoid any inconvenience or damage during loading, carriage and unloading.

Because of the characteristics of this kind of equipment, which normally prevent it from being transported on the baggage belts, the system for transporting this baggage from the check-in area to the aircraft is left to the discretion of the company's staff. Any extra expenses incurred will be charged to the passenger.

Baggage of this kind will ALWAYS be checked in as excess baggage, regardless of the passenger's free baggage allowance. For excess charges, the following weights apply:
Windsurfing equipment: 35 kg.
Surfboard: 20 kg
Other components (sail and so on): 15 kg
Kite board equipment (consists of one board and one parachute): 20 kg

The above mentioned weights will be ALWAYS applied to luggage, even though the real weight of the luggage does not match these values.

Only ONE of the above types of equipment per passenger will be accepted for carriage.

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