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22 Aug 2012

Flying With Windsurfing Boards and Sails on Air Nostrum 2012

Air Nostrum Windsurfing Equipment Policy 2012
Airline Name Air Nostrum
Category Windsurfing Equipment
Accepts Windsurfing Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost 150 EUR
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Air Nostrum Windsurfing Equipment Policy

Wind-surfing equipment is comprised of a board (max. 2.5m in length), boom, luff, mast and sail all wrapped up together. Only one piece of equipment per passenger will be accepted.
Booking space
In order for such equipment to be admitted to flights, space must have been booked at least 24 hours before passengers arrive at check-in.

The equipment of this kind will always be handled as excess baggage with a fixed rate of 150 EUR, per flight. Charges are payable only at the airport. (When the origin of the travel is America, Nigeria or Israel the rate will be 150 USD).

Passenger's arrival at the airport
Given the nature of this equipment, passengers must arrive at the airport in sufficient time to allow for the equipment to be checked in, taken to the aircraft and loaded in the hold.

Admittance to the flight
If space has been booked, as described in point 1 above, such equipment will be admitted to the flight as accompanied luggage, to be carried in the hold. If the relevant booking has not been made, carriage of the equipment will be subject to the availability of space on the flight. All elements must be suitably arranged and packed, so as to prevent breakage, disruptions or damage when boarding or disembarking and during the flight.

Loading the equipment
Bearing in mind that the nature of this equipment normally prevents it from being borne on luggage conveyors, it is left to the discretion of the airline's staff to decide upon a system for facilitating its transport from the check-in area to the aircraft. Any expenses to which that transport may give rise must be met by the passenger.

In accordance with ANAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation) regulations for journeys originating in Brazil (outbound and return) the following will apply: SURF EQUIPMENT: Surf equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance and has a fee of 60USD. Additional equipment will be charged at 120USD each.

Exception Recife and Fortaleza*
The baggage will be carried free on Iberia flights (not applicable on flights numbered IB7XXX, IB5XX e IB4XXX) which originate in Africa and Europe, and *which include a direct flight between Spain and Fortaleza or Recife.
On IB5000 (Vueling) point-to-point flights or on journeys where IB5000 flights connect with another IB5000, the cost will be EUR 45 per leg.

Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country

**If the operating company is other than Iberia, you should consult them regarding their particular conditions of carriage and baggage allowance.

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