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08 Jan 2018

Surfboards on LIAT Leeward Island Air Transport 2018

LIAT Leeward Island Air Transport Surfboards Policy 2018
Airline Name LIAT Leeward Island Air Transport
Category Surfboards
Accepts Surfboards Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost $80 USD
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LIAT Leeward Island Air Transport Surfboards Policy

Surfboards will be accepted by LIAT for a charge of $80 USD.

LIAT will accept one sport bag containing up to a maximum of 2 boards.

If the surfbag weighs more than 50lbs, the Overweight Bag fee will apply. Maximum accepted board length for any board is 73 inches/185 centimetres.

Surfboards that are not properly packed will only be accepted for transportation at the customerís own risk.

Surfboards are accepted on a standby basis only.

Surfboards are not considered as part of the free baggage allowance and cannot be substituted for free baggage allowance.

Skimboards that are less than 62 inches/157 cms in overall dimensions and weigh no more than 50 lbs can form part of passengers free baggage allowance.

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