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19 Jun 2011

Surfboards on BinterCanarias 2011

BinterCanarias Surfboards Policy 2011
Airline Name BinterCanarias
Category Surfboards
Accepts Surfboards Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost See Policy
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BinterCanarias Surfboards Policy

Passengers carrying sports equipment are allowed 5 kg of luggage in addition to that allowed by the tariff or by being a BinterMás Gold or BinterMás Silver customer.
The additional allowance of 5 kg applies only and exclusively to the transport of sporting material, this being understood as all equipment used for practising sports: diving, surf or boogie equipment, wind or kite surfing, parachuting, golf equipment, bicycle equipment and skiing equipment.
There is no limit as to the weight or number of items for sports equipment.
The total weight of the sports equipment will be deducted from the normal allowance for the tariff or the customer’s condition as a BinterMás Gold or BinterMás Silver customer as well as the additional 5 kg for sports equipment.
All sports equipment is subject to the availability of space in the aircraft’s hold
Space reservation: for acceptance on the flight, the space must be reserved before the passenger checks in.
Acceptance on flight: : On being accepted for flight, all items of sports equipment must be suitably placed and fixed so that they do not cause nuisance or damage during embarkation, transport and disembarkation.
Presentation of passenger at the airport: Given the nature of this equipment, the passenger must arrive at the airport sufficiently beforehand to allow for the checking in and transport of the equipment to the aircraft and its loading into the hold.
Excess luggage:
When the weight of the sports equipment plus the weight of the passenger’s luggage does not exceed the allowance (normal allowance and additional 5 kg), there will be no special surcharge. When sports equipment plus the passenger’s luggage exceeds the allowance, the passenger must pay the amount for the excess luggage for the journey.
Special conditions for some items of equipment:
Surfing, windsurfing and other sports with sails/masts/boards
Taking into account their properties, which normally prevent their transport on luggage belts, the use of a system that facilitates the carrying of this equipment from the check-in area to the aircraft is left to the judgement of the company's staff. The passenger will be responsible for the costs arising from this item.

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