Last Updated:
08 May 2012

Flying With Skis on Air Malta 2012

Air Malta Skis Policy 2012
Airline Name Air Malta
Category Skis
Accepts Skis Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost See Policy
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Air Malta Skis Policy

Air Malta gives you the flexibility to purchase Sports Baggage vouchers to cover the carriage of your sports equipment at only 20 EUR per piece per flight. Booking can be made up to 4 hours prior departure by using the booking form below.

When the total weight of your baggage including sports equipment, does not exceed your free baggage allowance as shown on your ticket, sports equipment may be carried free of charge.

If the total weight of your baggage including sports equipment exceeds your free baggage allowance, then you would qualify for a special fixed fee for your sports equipment, instead of the normal excess baggage charges, if you pack your sports equipment separately in the appropriate sports equipment bag.

Fees and conditions apply on Air Malta operated flights only. When sports equipment is checked in through to final destination on interline journeys involving carriage on both an Air Malta operated flight and another airline, the other airline’s rules may apply in certain cases. © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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