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08 Mar 2017

Flying with Kitesurfing Boards and Equipment on Hawaiian Airlines 2017

Hawaiian Airlines Kitesurfing Equipment Policy 2017
Airline Name Hawaiian Airlines
Category Kitesurfing Equipment
Accepts Kitesurfing Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost $35-$150
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Hawaiian Airlines Kitesurfing Equipment Policy

Hawaiian Airlines accepts kitesurfing equipment as a piece of checked baggage. Depending on the origin and destination of your flights, different rules may apply for kiting equipment.

If you're traveling between Hawaii and Australia or New Zealand, your board bag is included in your free baggage allowance when your travel is nonstop, direct and/or with connecting service. For U.S. and other international travel, a flat fee is charged per board bag based on your destination.

Hawaiian Airlines accept up to two (2) boards per bag. The weight limit of each board bag is 50 pounds (23 kg).* You will pay a fee per board bag when you check in. Costs vary based on where you are flying.

Within the State of Hawaii - $35 USD
Between Hawaii and North America - $100 USD
Between Hawaii/North America and American Samoa - $150 USD
Between Hawaii/North America and Australia - Free ($150 USD/AUD if as a 3rd bag)
Between Hawaii/North America and New Zealand - Free ($150 USD/NZD if as a 3rd bag)
Between Hawaii/North America and China - $150 USD / 900 CNY
Between Hawaii/North America and Japan - $150 USD / 1,500 JPY
Between Hawaii/North America and Korea - $150 USD / 150,000 KRW
Between Hawaii/North America and Tahiti - $150 USD

For all international travel, en route stopovers exceeding 24 hours will result in point to point charges being applicable.

Kiteboard Size and Weight Restrictions on Hawaiian Airlines
Kiteboard bags are limited in size to a maximum length of 115 inches (292 cm), except on Ohana by Hawaiian flights, where a limit of 72 inches (182 cm) applies. This should not be an issue, as most kiteboards fit within these limits.

Kite bags are limited in weight to a maximum of 50lbs/23kg each. For domestic travel, board bags over 50lbs will not be accepted. On other routes, an additional overweight fee will be added. A weight limit of 70lbs/32kg applies to board bags on flights to/from Australia and New Zealand

Packing Kiteboards for travel on Hawaiian Airlines
Use a surfboard bag that is a few inches longer than your board(s). No more than two (2) boards per bag.

Pack board rails, nose and tail with light items such as swimming noodles, foam, towels or clothing.

Remove fins or properly protect them with materials like bubble wrap secured tightly.

Avoid placing hard or sharp objects inside your board bag.

Remember to finish packing your boards at home. Packing materials are not available at check-in counters.

Please note: Transportation of your board bag on your flight is subject to space availability. In the unlikely event they cannot accommodate your board bag on your flight, Hawaiian Airlines will place it on the next available flight. Once it has arrived at your destination, you will be notified you to pick it up at the airport. Hawaiian Airlines is not responsible for the ground delivery of your board. © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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