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04 Jan 2018

Flying with Kitesurfing Boards and Equipment on Alaska Airlines 2018

Alaska Airlines Kitesurfing Equipment Policy 2018
Airline Name Alaska Airlines
Category Kitesurfing Equipment
Accepts Kitesurfing Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost $25
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Alaska Airlines Kitesurfing Equipment Policy

Alaska Airlines does not provide specific rules regarding kitesurfing equipment, you may check in the equipment and choose to refer to it as windsurfing equipment or surfboards. In these cases, a standard $25 baggage fee will apply, or will be free within your free checked baggage. Oversize and Overweight fees should be waived in this case. The risk is that kitesurfing equipment is not explicitely stated in the list of sporting equipment for which oversize/overweight fees are waived, so you may end up being charged these fees, depending on your check-in agent. Refer to our Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage policy for checked piece, overweight, and oversize charges.

One item of surfing or paddle equipment is defined as a surfboard or paddleboard case with up to two boards inside. On Alaska Airlines flights 1-999 the equipment may measure a maximum 115" (9 ft., 7 in.) in length alone. On Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and 3330-3499 the maximum combined dimensions may not exceed 115" (linear).

One piece of windsurfing equipment is defined as one windsurfing board and one mast, boom and sail.

Traveling with a kitesurfing "Golf" bag
It may be possible to disguise your kiteboarding equipment in a kitesurfing "Golf" bag, to avoid paying the oversize and overweight baggage fee, which is waived for golf equipment. Standard checked baggage fee will still apply for each piece checked. If you are unable to pass off your kites as golf equipment, at worst you will be charged the regular oversize/overweight fee which would regularly apply. © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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