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22 Aug 2012

Flying With a Golf Bag on Air Nostrum 2012

Air Nostrum Golf Clubs Policy 2012
Airline Name Air Nostrum
Category Golf Clubs
Accepts Golf Clubs Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
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Air Nostrum Golf Clubs Policy

Golf equipment is defined as consisting of a bag containing a pair of golf shoes plus a set of golf clubs.

Admittance to the flight
Golf clubs must be firmly secured inside the bag, in such a way as to avoid disturbances or damage when boarding or disembarking and during the flight.

Golf equipment is considered to be within the passenger's baggage allowance. If, as well as this piece a further piece or pieces are added, thus exceeding the number of pieces which can be carried free of charge, it will be considered as excess baggage.

In accordance with ANAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation) regulations - for journeys originating in Brazil (outbound and return) the following will apply:
If it is within the passenger's baggage allowance there is no charge. If the passenger is taking more than one piece of golf equipment, a charge of 60 USD will be made. If the passenger is carrying 2 pieces of baggage and 2 pieces of golf equipment, the first will be charged at 60USD, and the second at 120USD.

*If the operating company is other than Iberia, you should consult them regarding their particular conditions of carriage and baggage allowance. On IB5000 (Vueling) point-to-point flights or on journeys where IB5000 flights connect with another IB5000, the cost will be EUR 45 per leg.

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