Flying With a Bike on JetBlue

JetBlue Bikes Policy
Airline Name JetBlue
Category Bikes
Accepts Bikes Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost $50 USD
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JetBlue Bikes Policy

Bicycles will be accepted on JetBlue flights in a hard-sided, padded case designed for bicycles. If not in a hard-sided case, bikes will be accepted with the handle bars secured sideways and pedals removed. The bicycle must also be encased in plastic foam, a cardboard box (domestic flights only), or similar material to prevent damage.

Bicycles on JetBlue Domestic and International Flights:
Bicycles will be accepted on domestic and certain international flights for a fee of $50 per bicycle each way and will count as a checked bag. Standard JetBlue excess baggage fees may apply.

Please note: overweight baggage fees will not be assessed for bicycles. However, the maximum allotment of 99 pounds per bag still applies. Bicycle cases should contain bicycles only; cases containing additional items may be subject to excess baggage fees. The maximum size for a bicycle case is 80 inches in overall dimension (length + width + height).

Also note: if bicycle and container are less than 62 dimensional inches and under 50 pounds, the $50 bike fee will not be assessed.

*Bicycles are NOT accepted on JetBlue flights to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru and Port of Spain.

** Bicycles are accepted on JetBlue flights to/from Cuba if they are in a plastic, hard-sided, padded case designed for bicycles and no more than 70 pounds and 80 linear inches (length + width + height). A bicycle fee will be applied if the bicycle and container are more than 50 pounds and 62 linear inches (length + width + height). Bicycles that are unsuitably packed or packed in boxes are not acceptable for check-in.

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