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22 Aug 2012

Flying With a Bike on Air Nostrum 2012

Air Nostrum Bikes Policy 2012
Airline Name Air Nostrum
Category Bikes
Accepts Bikes Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance No
Cost 75 EUR
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Air Nostrum Bikes Policy

Requisites for their carriage:
Bicycles must have a single seat and no engine.
They must be folded and properly packed when checked in, with the handlebars fixed at the sides, the pedals removed and the wheels deflated.
At many airports Iberia has available boxes measuring 131+72+21 cm (in the case of bicycles that exceed those dimensions, passengers must provide their own packaging). The boxes in question cost Euros 20 per unit. This packaging will be provided at the request of the passenger or upon the instructions of agents in the case of irregularities. (Berlin and Dusseldorf airports are excepted.)
Iberia reserves the right to refuse the transportation of voluminous sports equipment and to pass this onto Iberia Cargo, applying different conditions and tariffs.

The equipment of this kind will always be handled as excess baggage with a fixed rate of 75 EUR, per flight, regardless of the destination. Charge payable only at the airport. (When the journey originates in USA, Nigeria or Israel, the fare will be 75 USD).

In accordance with ANAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation) regulations for journeys originating in Brazil (outbound and return) the following will apply: BICYCLES : Are within the passenger's free baggage allowance. When this allowance is exceeded a fee of 120USD per piece will be charged.

Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country

*If the operating company is other than Iberia, you should consult them regarding their particular conditions of carriage and baggage allowance. This service may not be requested on IB5XXX flights.

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