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21 Jan 2016

Flying With a Bike on Air New Zealand 2016

Air New Zealand Bikes Policy 2016
Airline Name Air New Zealand
Category Bikes
Accepts Bikes Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost Free
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Air New Zealand Bikes Policy

Bicycles will only be accepted as checked baggage if they are correctly packaged into a bike box or bike bag. Bike boxes can be purchased at all New Zealand airports for NZD25 and are subject to availability.

To meet the minimum requirements for acceptance, the bike must be prepared as follows:

- Remove or turn handle bars sideways.

- Turn in or remove pedals.

- Mountain bikes may be fitted with struts containing compressed nitrogen gas. These bikes
can only be accepted as checked baggage if the gas pressure does not exceed 200KPa (Kilopascal), or 29 PSI (Pounds per square inch).

- Small (not exceeding 50ml) non-flammable gas cartridges for the purpose of inflating tyres are permitted to be carried in checked baggage.

- Deflation of the tyres is not necessary.

- Children’s bikes with no chain are not required to travel packaged in a bike bag or box.

When packing a bike, remember to:

- Place any loose accessories such as pedals or water bottles into a bag then place in the box.

- Seal the box, and label it with your name and contact phone number.

- Ensure no part of the bike is protruding out of the box.

Sporting item less than 2m in length and less than 23kg - No charge if within permitted baggage allowance otherwise standard excess charges apply

For example:
Hang glider
Snow skis + boots + poles
Snowboard + boots + bindings
Water skis
Golf bag containing golf clubs and one pair of shoes

Sporting item less than 2m in length, over 23kg and less than 32kg- Overweight or oversize charge (same as 1st airport excess charge)

Sporting item between 2m and 2.5m in length on jet services up to 32 kg e.g. long surfboard, windsurfer, hang glider, bike (tandem, recumbent, extra long) - Overweight or oversize charge (same as 1st airport excess charge)

Sporting item over 32kg - Must repack to be 32kg or less or be sent as cargo

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