Last Updated:
04 Jan 2018

Flying with SCUBA Diving Equipment and Tanks on Porter Airlines 2018

Porter Airlines SCUBA Diving Equipment Policy 2018
Airline Name Porter Airlines
Category SCUBA Diving Equipment
Accepts SCUBA Diving Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost See Policy
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Porter Airlines SCUBA Diving Equipment Policy

You can bring one set of scuba diving equipment as part of your checked baggage on Porter Airlines. Regular baggage fees apply.

The following will be counted as one piece of baggage:

Empty scuba tank* (must be presented at check-in for inspection - dangerous goods regulations apply)
Air supply regulator (needs to be completely disconnected from the cylinder)
Tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging; please refer to the manufacturer for advice)
Tank harness
Face mask
Pair of diving fins
Buoyancy control device
Air pistol
Safety vest
Spear gun
* Note that cylinders containing compressed air or a special gas mixture are prohibited.

There is no additional charge for scuba equipment as long as the items are within size and weight restrictions.

Porter Airlines will only accept diving equipment that has been packed in a recognised kit bag and does not exceed the size and weight restrictions for checked baggage .

Please note that spear guns and harpoons must be packed in a hard shell container with the tip of the spear protected in order to prevent any damage (must be unloaded with the spear/harpoon packed separately). © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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