Last Updated:
05 Jan 2018

Flying with SCUBA Diving Equipment and Tanks on Delta Airlines 2018

Delta Airlines SCUBA Diving Equipment Policy 2018
Airline Name Delta Airlines
Category SCUBA Diving Equipment
Accepts SCUBA Diving Equipment Yes
Counts Toward Baggage Allowance Yes
Cost $150 USD/CAD
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Delta Airlines SCUBA Diving Equipment Policy

One dive bag containing scuba equipment other than an empty dive tank is allowed as checked baggage on Delta Airlines flights. An empty dive tank is allowed and will be assessed the Scuba Equipment Fee stated below.

The maximum outside linear dimensions may exceed 62 linear inches (158 cm), but oversized baggage fees will be applied. Tanks weighing over 70 lbs will be charged the applicable excess weight fee. Tanks exceeding 100 lbs or 115 linear inches are not allowed.

Delta Airlines Scuba Equipment Fees
$150 USD/CAD for travel to all regions (excluding Brazil, Europe, and North Africa)
$150 USD, $175 CAD*, or 125 EUR* for travel to/from Europe or North Africa
$100 USD for travel to/from Brazil

*CAD amount will be charged to exit Canada, and EUR amount will be charged to exit Europe.

Scuba equipment that exceeds the standard baggage allowance will be assessed the appropriate fee based on destination. © Copyright 2018 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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